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Do you need a plumber?

Sooner or later we’ll need a plumber to come and fix our drainage problems, whether it is related to the sewers, blocked sinks or a simple water leak. Finding the right plumber at the right time can be very difficult therefore it’s best to get some reading done of your own on plumbers within your area before thinking, “I need to hire plumbers near me but I don’t know how!”. The best plumber might worth the pay depending on their work quality.  

Where can you get a hold of experienced plumber?

Most households have an emergency plumber number up on their fridge, which is a smart idea, especially for working parents who may not always be home to attend to emergency situations. To rescue you from such difficult times, offers you the ability to find the best plumbers available locally ASAP. You will also get to know their prices in advance to be able to find the best value for money for your needs.  

What to consider when speaking to a plumber

It’s best to call at least three to four plumbers before deciding on which plumber to hire. Some plumbers may want to come and check out the problem before giving you a quotation. Most plumbers are great with small technicalities such as water leaks or clogged drains but for more complex problems, you may want to stick to experienced plumbers who have proper referrals. Also, sometimes if the work is too complex, plumbers may charge based on project milestones. This requires prior discussion with the plumber in question.

This is where comes into play: with this website all sorts of added/hidden costs are eliminated. Know in advance how much your plumber is charging per day or per hour. This will not only help you make a better decision, but also save you from unexpected expenditures especially if you aren't ready for them financially.

Consider the following questions while speaking to a plumber:

  1. Is the plumber working under a certified company or are they certified themselves?
  2. What kind of experience does the plumber have/how many years of experience?
  3. Do they have professional references?
  4. How do they expect to be paid and is there any down payment involved?

Payment Options

Many of us worry about what exactly does their hourly or daily rate entail when it comes to hiring plumbers. With you’ll have the advantage of hourly and daily rate transparency based on the factors of your problem such as the complexity of the work, location, etc.  

Post repair

Once the plumber’s work is done, make sure to check and ensure that your problem has been solved completely, whether it is a leakage or blocked sink. If needed, ask the plumber what you should avoid to ensure the same problem does not pop up anytime soon.

Plumber: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Plumber: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
London£53 per hour£276 per day
Birmingham£39 per hour£235 per day
Leeds£35 per hour£216 per day
Glasgow£38 per hour£251 per day
Sheffield£33 per hour£220 per day
Bradford£34 per hour£221 per day
Liverpool£35 per hour£221 per day
Edinburgh£38 per hour£253 per day
Manchester£36 per hour£225 per day
Bristol£38 per hour£246 per day

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