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If you’ve ever wondered about plastering your walls to give it a new look, this is for you! Plaster is considered to be one of the easiest constituents to make and has flexibility in its use as it can be used in different parts of your home, whether it’s the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the bathroom.

Plaster walls can be used to cover the walls, ceilings and other household items. Plaster can be used to make simple or complex detailing or backgrounds in room interiors. Not only that, a plaster wall can also help create a feel and texture that is unique for your home, something that no other wall can match.

Plaster is not considered to be a strong material; hence it is most appropriate for finishing, instead of initial coating or load bearing. When plaster is thickly applied for decoration, an underlying supporting framework (preferably metal), may be required.

Hiring a Professional

Plastering is considered to be one of the few trades where it really pays off to hire a professional to get the work done since it will definitely increase your property value. This is for the following reasons:

  • Plastering requires the utilisation of specialized equipment and tools which are often well-known known by professionals.
  • An in-depth level of understanding of the material and skill is required to get a perfect finish.
  • The fallouts of a poor DIY job could take time to show but can result in even more damage, which would lead to further costs that could have been avoided if a professional plasterer was hired initially.  

How to plaster a wall or plaster repair is not a task for everyone and for a proper plastering job along with an efficient finish requires a trained professional. For professional plasterers near you and for any other professionals you may need around the house, feel free to check out

Types of Plaster

The most common types of plasters include lime, cement or gypsum, all of which work in a related way. The plaster is initially made as a dry powder and then combined with water to form a firm paste that is usable prior to being applied to the surface. The reaction that occurs with water helps to release heat through the process of crystallization, causing the hydrated plaster to harden. This gives the plaster look which can be polished and sprayed to different designs.

Drywall or plasterboard is made up of materials that are intended for the construction of strong finishes. This plaster is mixed with fiber and other additives, which help to decrease the buildup of mildew in the long run, lower water absorption and increase fire resistance. These are all important features for home interiors as they fall under safety precautions.

Plastering Benefits

Among the many benefits of plaster, one of the main benefits is the decorative capacity you have. Plaster ceiling can be placed to complement the lighting setup. With plaster you can opt to build surfaces that are strong enough for everyday use. Modern looks with polished plaster or spray plaster can give you the look you’ve been wanting for years.

Once you have your plastering done, if you progress to work coating against moisture, you can prevent mold growth in the future. So all in all, it’s a great investment for the future!

Plasterer: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Plasterer: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
London£32 per hour£188 per day
Birmingham£20 per hour£159 per day
Leeds£25 per hour£162 per day
Glasgow£20 per hour£165 per day
Sheffield£19 per hour£142 per day
Bradford£25 per hour£163 per day
Liverpool£22 per hour£157 per day
Edinburgh£21 per hour£171 per day
Manchester£22 per hour£164 per day
Bristol£24 per hour£172 per day

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