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We all know what a lifesaver our cars are. They help us get to places and aid us in our mobility in our daily lives. Cars do require servicing time and time again. Car services for something like a simple tune up for a car dent repair, an engine repair, exhaust repair, or for overall car maintenance are essential to sustaining your car’s lifespan. Having a mechanic near you or car service near you can do wonders to help you stay on top of your car maintenance. Getting your car to a car repair garage or a mobile car repair centre for a full car servicing are also viable options.

In the last few years, the total number of cars that are registered in the United Kingdom has increased significantly, mainly driven by the stark increase in new car sales. Even though new cars usually require a lot fewer repairs, the increased number of cars on the road has still stirred continuous demand on industry services such as car maintenance.

Rates on Car Repairs

It’s always a good idea to keep emergency numbers up on the fridge or in a place accessible to you at all times.

Don’t let your car become a depreciating asset! If your family and friends don’t have a good car mechanic or good car diagnostic centre in mind and you are unsure of where to look, be sure to check out for wonderful deals on experienced professionals at reasonable rates.    

Depending on the amount and type of work involved to repair you car, your expenses will vary. Do keep in mind that a cheap car service does not necessarily mean a bad servicing nor does an expensive car-servicing mean a good and reliable one. According to reports, car repairs can cost you around £400 every 12 months, contingent on the type and model of the car and how long it has been used.


If you hear a muffled noise that is frequently coming out from your exhaust pipe, it’s most likely time to get your exhaust repaired. Having this repaired swiftly is the best route. Delaying exhaust or muffler repairs leads to several other engine and exhaust problems, which will make your repairs more costly. As for a clutch repair, you can identify when you need a clutch replacement. If you find the clutch constantly slipping when you try applying power and your engine speeds up way too quickly when you try accelerating even if the clutch pedal has not been pressed, the clutch most likely needs to be repaired. The clutch itself may be faulty; there could be a jammed cable causing the scuffling affects.  

When it comes to car body repairs, you may need to purchase car parts, which will spike up your bill but your mechanic will get them at wholesale rates saving you money. At the end of the day, it’s definitely best to do your research before heading to the garage, as you don’t want to be paying for extra work that isn’t essential for the smooth running of your vehicle. What’s important is having a smooth running car that gets you to your destinations safe and sound.

Car Mechanic: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Car Mechanic: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
London£42 per hour£267 per day
Birmingham£31 per hour£195 per day
Leeds£32 per hour£213 per day
Glasgow£29 per hour£151 per day
Sheffield£28 per hour£90 per day
Bradford£33 per hour£209 per day
Liverpool£38 per hour£255 per day
Edinburgh£18 per hour£137 per day
Manchester£35 per hour£226 per day
Bristol£ per hour£ per day

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