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Have you ever found yourself locked out of your home? Or have you been stuck outside of your car with your car key gone missing? If you have been under such circumstances, you know full well how important the role of a locksmith is!

Locksmith Services

Whether it’s for door locks that entail key cutting to get a hold of the right keys, opening your patio door lock, getting through window locks or simply for key replacements (i.e. car key replacement), locksmith services pretty much cover anything and everything to do with keys.

Considering the potential harms and discomfort of being locked out when you least expect it, it’s always a good idea to have up numbers for an emergency locksmith. Knowing about your local locksmith also helps. Keeping tabs on local locksmiths through family and friends can prove to be quite handy.

If you’re unsure about where to get reliable locksmith near you, no need to worry! Check out for great deals on professionals meant for all of your different household needs.  

Types of Lock Replacement

There are different locks that your locksmith may refer to in order to sort out your key problems. UPVC door locks are often used these days since they provide a higher level of security. They incorporate a multi-point locking system, which helps to fasten the door into the frame, locking at several points at the turn of a key. Modern homes with composite doors usually have UPVC locks installed.

One famous type of lock often used by locksmiths to fasten doors or furniture is a mortice lock. This is a lock set in the body of a door in a nook, instead of being enclosed to the door surface. It basically needs a pocket, which is the mortice, to be cut into either the door or the furniture in which the lock is being fitted.


Making sure to get good locks installed is a good way of avoiding problems with your locks in the long run. Of course, losing your keys is something you can’t really foresee. So situations where your keys have gone missing will have to do with getting a hold of the right locksmith services.

One of the oldest and most trusted international brands under the lock industry is Yale lock. There are millions of Yale locks being used worldwide. Locks ranging from digital door locks, padlocks, door handles, safes, to alarms and much more. These days safety also incorporates window locks that are built to keep your windows safe and secure.

Reading up on locks before installing them can be a great way to prevent getting locks that don’t keep you and your family secure. Your home’s security is definitely priority and tops everything else. Keeping your family and yourself safe is vital and requires proper steps, such as ensuring the right type of locks are being used. Knowing the different types of locks, whether for windows, your doors or even your cars, can make a huge difference in how secure you are.

Speak to your local locksmith regarding your locks and keeping things safe and secure.

Locksmith: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Locksmith: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
London£52 per hour£268 per day
Birmingham£51 per hour£265 per day
Leeds£38 per hour£246 per day
Glasgow£29 per hour£127 per day
Sheffield£34 per hour£196 per day
Bradford£36 per hour£239 per day
Liverpool£35 per hour£223 per day
Edinburgh£33 per hour£253 per day
Manchester£40 per hour£225 per day
Bristol£42 per hour£252 per day

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