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Affordable Renewable Heating Engineers in Manchester

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List of affordable Heating Engineers in Manchester with hourly rates & day rate (excluding VAT or callout charges)

Clean, tidy reliable. Fair prices given all the time. Will advise on phone with out charge or pass on the work to a reliable person of I am unable to make it. 

I am fully time served plumbing & heating contractor I am honest & relaible
Plumbing work and central heating installation  professional clean  job relay to  our  professional engineer  call now we sorted out   thank you 
Long established,excellent reviews fourty five years experience 
Variety of experience in many trades 

I am good at what I do and dont overcharge 

GroundTherm is a long standing family run business. We have operated in the Renewable Heating sector for the last 15 years. We cover all aspects from Design to Supply and the installation for your project. We are happy to work closely with yourself and other contractors associated with your project to help get the best results. There is no doubt that – our domestic and commercial fuel costs are rising and the trend will always be upward. A renewable Heating solution for your project woul...

20 years fires and fireplace fitting service
Professional neat tidy reliable fully insured 

Fast reliable plumbing and heating service.

Quality multi skilled tradesman with attention to detail 

Very efficient with over 20 years experience

26 years experience in plumbing and heating at domestic and commercial level . Mainly install Worcester,ideal ,Baxi and Valliant boilers. As we are preferred  installers with these manufacturers. We cover all the northwest areas. All work is guaranteed from 5-10 years .    

Friendly, reliable local service who are competitively priced and cover all aspects of plumbing, heating and gas work. if its plumbing, heating or gas..... in your CHAP

Quick and efficient service.Friendly and reliable

We are reliable honest and carry out works for Trafford Council and Salford Council

-Good time keeping  -friendly and reliable  -competitive pricing  
I am a 60 year old engineer and have a lot of experience from boiler diagnostics  to fitting bathrooms & kitchens. Both pressurised & open systems on heating . From changing a tap washer to bathroom suite I will look at any job big or small . 
Reliable and trustworthy service, over 20 years experience. 

Specialist Plumbing and Heating  Engineer.  Fitting and repairing boilers. System upgrades specialist system controls.  Radiator changes.  Boiler servicing from £45 system performance surveys and cost reduction solutions. 

We have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that you receive nothing but the best service. Our reputation has been developed through hard work and reliability which is why we are the areas number one choice for plumbing & gas related work. As a Worcester Accredited Installer, we are able to provide you with 5 and 10 year guarantees direct with Worcester. To discuss your project, to talk through your options or to obtain a free estimate or quotation please contact us

The Certificates we offer: EPCs Domestic & Commercial, Green Deal Assessments, OCDEAs, DECs, Chartered Surveyor Reports, Home Condition Report, Electrical certificate, Legionella Risk Assessment, Gas Safety certificate, Damp Test Reports,  The Products we offer: ECO Grants/Installs, Room in the roof insulation, Free Virgin Loft Insulation, Free Cavity wall insulation, External wall insulation/Internal Wall Insulation, Free loft insulation, Energy efficient taps and showers, Free...
 Safe UK Properties  ready to help you  to get the best quotation  any home maintenance such as boiler replacement, entral heating repair and installation, underfloor heating, tiling, bath replacement  and more.  Please check our website for more details .  Safe UK Properties Ltd  professional job   unbeatable price .
Trusted engineers with almost twenty years of experience in the area of gas, plumbing and electrical (domestic/commercial) safety  And on-call service is also available 24 x 7   Our engineers are qualified to conduct gas and electrical safety reports.  
Clean & tidy worker who meets customer demands & needs 

Well established customer friendly company.   All engineers are gas safe registered and their objective is to leave a jib complete and with the  customer  100 per cent  happy with the experience.  

Flowstars Plumbing and Heating North west are a family run company covering Manchester, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas across the north west. We offer our customers unrivalled customer service and quality workmanship at great prices. We specialise in ALL aspects of plumbing, heating and gas work including bathrooms, kitchens, maintenance and day to day works. Please call Chris anytime to discuss your requirements.    

Work speaks for its self
1 - 18 years  2 - Worcester, baxi & ideal  3 - gas safe  4 - we have over 300 5 star ratings  5 - all north west, west & East Midlands all Yorkshire  6 - we offer first class service, same day repairs with high standards 
35 years experience counts a lot  in the plumbing gas  industry  jobs done quick and  efficiently 
SLC Electrical & Building Services aim to give our customers a complete building Package with a clear pricing stratagy our hourly is set for the 1st hour then 15 minute increments after that, and like our competitors we wont charge you if we have to laeve site. All our tradesmen are highly skilled with many years experience we pride ourselves on always providing a quality service and treating your home with the same respect as their own Prices can also be accomodated on request 
Adaptation Building Services Ltd has built a solid, local reputation that delivers an excellent service to both the public and private sectors. The company is continously monitored and vetted by CheckAtrade and has been endorsed by WHICH magazine (Which Trusted Trader). Our performance is measured to our clientel which currently stands at 9.3 out of 10. We always deliver a quality service which is well recognised in the public sector, working in partnership with Bury and Stockport Councils. We...

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Renewable - Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps (Air/Ground), Rain Water Harvesting


What is a Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal is similar to Solar Energy / PV but instead of converting energy to electricity, solar thermal converts into heat, heating up water for domestic taps and central heating.  The ‘collectors’ (commonly known as panels) are positioned on the roof and work in cold climate, overcast and windy weather.

How to choose a Solar Thermal?

Two main types of panels are Flat-Plate Collectors (better for summer as don’t risk overheating) or Evacuated Tube Collectors (more efficient for colder climates). Before investing check on the amount of light the collector receives and how much of that can be converted to heat. Take note of the durability as a lot of brands offer up to a 25yr warranty.

Which Solar Thermal is the best?

Vaillant AuroTherm 145V 1 panel in roof portrait solar pack

Vaillant AuroTherm 145V 1 panel in roof portrait solar pack

  • Flat plate solar thermal collectors
  • 2mm toughened safety glass and 40m of rear insulation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Special anti reflective coating further improving the efficiency of the panel
  • 10 year guarantee

What is a Heat Pumps (Air)?

An Air Source Heat Pump is set up outside and relies on drawing heat from the air, heating a liquid, then the pump compresses the liquid to increase its temperature, condensing back into a liquid releasing stored heat which is then used to heat the central heating water or domestic water.

How to choose a Heat Pumps (Air)?

Air Heat Pumps work best with a well insulated home and a home with underfloor heating. If a radiator system, ensure you have large radiators because the heat generated is less than heat from a conventional boiler so a wider surface is needed to reach a comfortable temperature in the home.

Which Heat Pumps (Air) is the best?

Samsung Premium Air Source Heat Pump

Samsung Premium Air Source Heat Pump

  • Quiet operation (50db(A) at 1 metre)
  • Internal MIM Control Kit significantly reduces electrical works required
  • Market leading calculation software (built to BSEN12831) available
  • Lightweight construction ensuring many mounting options
  • Flexible installation ethos with ability to incorporate many different fuel sources

What is a Heat Pumps (Ground)?

A Ground Source Heat Pump is buried into the ground where underground temperatures remain constant year round because the earth absorbs energy from the sun. The ground source pump then absorbs the energy from the earth and transports it to your home.

How to choose a Heat Pumps (Ground)?

Ground Source Pumps come as either an Open Loop System (extracts groundwater which passes through a heat pump capturing heat) or a Closed Loop System (drawing in heat from the ground to a circuit of piping connected to the indoor heat pump). Closed Loop Systems have an option of being laid horizontal or a more expensive but less space needed, vertical option.

Which Heat Pumps (Ground) is the best?

Warmflow GSHP ground source variable speed heat pump 2.5-10kW

Warmflow GSHP ground source variable speed heat pump 2.5-10kW

  • Variable outputs of up to 10kW and 18kW
  • Variable Speed Compressor
  • 508% Efficient
  • 65° Hot Water
  • Up to 18kW on single phase

What is a Rain Water Harvesting?

Rain Water Harvesting is collecting and storing water that would normally be lost flowing down the gutters draining away into the ground. Storing rain water can be used to water the garden, clean patios and cars as well as pumped indoors to flush toilets and used in washing machines.

How to choose a Rain Water Harvesting?

Choose a tank size suitable for the amount of people in the home. Check if the roof of your home is suitable for collecting water and if you have trees near any gutters, fit leaf guards. Important for the tank to have a one-way flow to prevent a back flow of water. High quality filters ensure as much debris as possible is removed. Have an automatic system to switch to mains water when the rainwater runs low.

Which Rain Water Harvesting is the best?

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