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Should you consider hiring a heating engineer / gas engineer?

Most of us go looking for the right heating engineer (or boiler) and gas engineer especially when the temperatures go dropping but should this really be the case? With or without winter the approaching of winter, we should always have a skilled and professional heating engineer at hand who can provide us with regular servicing to keep our heating systems running with full efficiency. This is to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Central heating is essential in everyday life in countries with freezing temperatures. As such, plumbing and heating are two very important parts of home maintenance. Family, friends and neighbours all need good boiler engineers every year so you are bound to find a reliable gas, boiler or central heating engineer within your area.

Ensuring your heating engineer is on the gas safe register

First of all, unlike your electric heating systems, it is very important that you make sure any gas engineer that you hire is a gas safe engineer, in other words, they should be accredited under the Gas Safe Register. All heating engineers here at are vetted and registered under the scheme. You can find their hourly and daily prices before contacting them here

Calling for a Gas Safe Heating Engineer

If you call regarding boiler technicalities or problems, always remember to list out as many details as possible regarding the nature of the problems to the engineer. It’s also a good idea to mention any kind of error messages that may be appearing on the boiler. This way, the engineer should be able to tell you the minimum pricing as well as any additional costs that may apply. Keep in mind, you may also be charged for parking or travel related costs.

In addition to that, do your own research and contact a few engineers for price quotations. Try to call at least three to four engineers to ask for their specifications. Good engineers may want to first come and have a look before giving you any quotations. Hamuch offers visibility on their prices anyway so this will facilitate your search.

Questions to consider asking are:

  1. What their experience is in fixing the boiler model and brand that you have
  2. If there is a guarantee period related to the new installation
  3. Whether or not they will provide you insurance
  4. Whether there are chances of add on prices once they come and realize additional things are needed
  5. Whether or not they can clean your central heating system if required
  6. Whether or not they will be sticking to ways to retain energy efficiency
  7. How the payment will be made and whether or not a down payment is necessary.

Post Repair

The best boiler engineers will definitely take out some time to explain what they will be checking, fixing or installing before they begin working and will show you exactly what they have done once the job is complete for your better understanding of the problem.

Once the work is done, ensure that your gas boiler is fully operational and check both the heating and hot water. If needed, ask the engineer to show you the settings and how to operate them smoothly.

As we all know, no matter how prepared we may seem to be, there’s always something that sets us back. To rescue you from all the unnecessary worries and short notices, visit to find out the best heating engineer around you ASAP and know the hourly and daily rates in full transparency!

Heating Engineer: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Heating Engineer: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
London£53 per hour£276 per day
Birmingham£39 per hour£235 per day
Leeds£35 per hour£216 per day
Glasgow£38 per hour£251 per day
Sheffield£33 per hour£220 per day
Bradford£34 per hour£221 per day
Liverpool£35 per hour£221 per day
Edinburgh£38 per hour£253 per day
Manchester£36 per hour£225 per day
Bristol£38 per hour£246 per day

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