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Green lawns provide a refreshing look to any setting. Whether it is for a home garden setting or even for a sport field where astro turfs are used to create lawns for playing sports, lawns are useful in several ways.

Planting a new lawn can be a huge job. It’s best to get the setting done in sections rather than in one go. You need basic items such as a lawn mower, artificial grass or an artificial lawn, turf rolls or artificial turf and compost. A lawn scarifier, lawn aerator, weed killer, moss killer and other turf supplies also come in handy.

You might be thinking fake grass must look rather phony but you’d be surprised to hear that most often people can hardly tell the difference between artificial grass and real grass. Of course, there is a difference in the quality of the turf or artificial grass you purchase. Cheap turf or cheap astro turfs are usually not that great in terms of quality. Hence, it’s never a bad idea to speak to a specialist or someone with experience prior to starting the lawn setup.  

If you are up for a DIY challenge, you can try setting up your grass lawn yourself. However, considering the details required and the amount of work that needs to go behind setting up lawns, it’s not a bad idea to get professional help. Check out for wholesome deals on professionals for all your household services.

Setting up a Lawn

The following are a few basic steps on setting up a lawn:

Step 1: Get rid of old turf. This is important as old turfs can lead to bacteria build up and the overall destruction of an otherwise healthy environment.

Step 2: Fix any problems that may already exist with the grading level of the soil. It’s best to get professional help from a landscaping contractor or from the use of professional, heavy equipment for this step. But you can use a landscaping rake or earth moving equipment as well.

Step 3: Add on nutrients to the soil, whether it’s fertilisers, sulfur or organic matter. Keep in mind, topsoil is an important part of the soil and needs to be taken care of.

Step 4: Rake the area to make it firm and smooth. Remove any hard stones or other matter that may have been brought up to the surface as a result of tilling. Water the ground and let the soil dry. Then fill the depressions with soil.

Step 5: Plant your new lawn. Generally, there are four specific methods used to laying a new lawn: seed, sod, plugs and sprigs. You can read up on each method to understand how each one is done.

Step 6: The final step is lawn care. Whether it’s getting a hold of lawn-mowing services, learning about different types of grass, or taking care of the lawn turf after the whole installation process, lawn care can involve a lot. Prepare yourself to learn and implement new methods of lawn care for your garden turf.

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