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Fully Approved "Napit " Inspector and Tester with all insurances. Rewires to exra sockets.

Dee Home Electrical Experienced electrical engineer who has trained and qualified at Rolls-Royce. Recently moved to Anglesey from Chester where I was well known and respected. If you want a cheap job done with budget parts in the shortest time, then please go elsewhere - I do a proper job!    

Fully qualified, small independent business, efficient and conscientious, no vat on labour, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service from start to finish

Home technology professional registered with Stroma & CEDIA installing automation products from single aplication IoT devices to Whole Home systems Lighting, heating, security, access control, energy saving/monitoring, multi-room audio & visual distribution Loxone Silver Partner, KNX, HDL, Nest Pro, Netatmo & more

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