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There are several ways to heat water in your home, and each method of heating is attached to a range of costs. For example, an electric shower can cost between £50 up to and over £1,500! You can find the price tag to suit your needs, and consulting with a qualified electrician can assist in making a decision.
Electric hot water is instant, precise and for many the most modern way of heating the home.
If you want to lower your water heating costs there are some simple tips to do so:

  • Turn down the thermostat on your cistern to a lower temperature
  • Use less hot water – particularly when making a brew!
  • Avoid waste when heating hot water
  • Heat your hot water to a lower temperature
  • Consider the amount of water you are using
  • Opt to recycle water where you can
  • Check the timings of your heating to avoid waste
  • Reduce the flow of water in the shower head spray

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