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Drains are the network of pipes, traps leading from your sinks and toilets to sewage pipes or septic tanks. Drains carry away used 'dirty' water from your sinks, toilets, washing machines, showers and baths etc. Importantly drain traps prevent smells and gases from the sewer coming up into your home. Drains also have vent pipes which allow air to escape and therefore the waste water to flow more easily. Waste water normaly flows by gravity so drain pipes, need to slope (pitch) to allow wastewater to leave your home.

If you have a blocked drain there are many solutions that can help you.

If the problem requires specialist treatment then your drain specialist may use jetting which is a clean and effective way of clearing drains using pressurised water. Rodding is also used to shift blockages and each rod is rigid and pushes through the blockage by twisting, prodding and pushing through until the drain is clear.

A CCTV drain survey makes it possible to access and record the condition of drain system and pinpoint the cause of a problem. They are remote-controlled units with cameras attached and provide footage and a summary of the problem.

Whatever the problem, drain engineers can safely deal with drains and put in place the appropriate repairs and linings to make the systems durable and avoid further drainage problems.

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