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Rough guide for how much basic painting and decorating work in Cf95 costs;

JobJob detailsEstimate
Painting1 bedroom flat / house£0
Painting2 bedroom flat / house£0
Painting3 bedroom flat / house£0
Painting4 bedroom flat / house£0
Painting5 bedroom flat / house£0
Metal paintingRe-paint a metal object£0
GlossingGloss work in good condition£0 per room
GlossingGloss work in bad condition£0 per room
Internal woodworkRe-paint 1 room skirting boards£0
WallpaperStripping wallpaper off the walls£0 per room
WallpaperHanging wallpaper in a room£0 per room

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Painter & Decorator rates in Cf95
Painter & Decorator Hourly and Daily Rates in Cf95 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Business nameHourly RateDaily Rate