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Handymen rates near Vale Of White Horse

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Rough guide for how much basic handyman work in Vale Of White Horse costs;

Job detailsEstimate
Erecting a garden shed, typical 2-3 hours work £0
Half day of hanging curtain poles and mirrors £0
1 hr of fixing a piece to the wall £0
Installing a battery Ring camera / device to outside wall £0
Cutting a curtain pole to size and hanging £0
Securing a wardrobe to the wall £0
Hanging 3x art / mirrors / bathroom accessories to a drywall £0
Hanging 3x art / mirrors / bathroom accessories to brick wall £0
Removing wallpaper from 1 room (4 walls) £0
Removing wallpaper from 1 wall and replastering £0
Removing tiles from 1 small bathroom (4 walls) £0
Painting a door with oil paint provided £0
Painting a small room without any prep work needed £0
Painting a terraced garden fence (3 sections of fencing) £0
Painting a large garden fence (3 sections of fencing) £0
Painting a garden shed £0
Fitting and replacing a kitchen or bathroom tap £0
Renewing silicone in a bathroom or kitchen £0
Installing a cat or dog flap through a kitchen door £0
Re-hanging a loose internal door £0
Shaving some wood off an internal non fire door £0
Power jet washing a patio £0
Relaying some brickwork on a drive £0
Removing a redundant TV aerial on an outside wall / roof £0

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Handyman rates in Vale Of White Horse
Handyman Hourly and Daily Rates in Vale Of White Horse (excluding VAT or callout charges)
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