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Glass / Glazier's rates near Highland

Comparing hourly and daily rates of Glass / Glazier's gives you an idea of who will be better value but the best way to compare costs is to get actual quotes.

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Rough guide for how much basic glazier work in Highland costs;

Job detailsEstimate
Reseal double glazed window£0
Provide locks on double glazed windows£0 each
Fit a new double-glazed window£0
Replacing a greenhouse window-pane£0
Fitting a 2 x 2 m greenhouse with windows£0
Fitting a 4 x 2.5 m conservatory with windows£0
Replacing a conservatory window-pane£0
Fitting a new skylight window£0
Replacing a sash glass window-pane£0
Removing scratches from a window£0
Fitting new handles on windows£0 each
Fit a cat flap in existing glass£0
Fit a dog flap in existing French patio doors£0
Build a large reptile tank£0
Build a medium fish tank built to bespoke specifications£0
Emergency board up of break-in£0
Remove old glass windows£0
Remove old glass in an orangery£0
Emergency smashed window-pane refit£0
Emergency smashed glass door refit£0
Fit an indoor glass balustrade£0
Fit a glass stair railing£0
Repair a glass balustrade£0
Fit a glass shower screen£0
Repair a glass shower screen£0
Cut to size and design a mirror for a wet room£0
Cut to size and design a mirror for a wet room£0
Cut to size and design a splashback for the kitchen£0
Cut to size and design a toughened tabletop£0
Repair glass items, e.g.; tabletop or splashback£0
Fit an outdoor toughened glass stair railing£0

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Glass / Glazier rates in Highland
Glass / Glazier Hourly and Daily Rates in Highland (excluding VAT or callout charges)
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