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Estimated cost of gardening work in Pr0

Job detailsEstimate
Once off clearance - removal of ivy & weeds, hedge trimming £0
General garden maintenance, based on 2 hours of tidying £0
High pressure jet cleaning paths, drive, gutters, walls, patio £0
Levelling some of the garden, creating flower beds & a pathway £0
Cost to turf a lawn £0
Levelling out a section and laying slabs to create a pathway £0
Digging out & levelling the area, laying slabs to create a patio £0
Dig a section of the garden and create a pond £0
Cutting down a small tree and removing the trunk as well as digging out some of the roots £0
Clearing a garden and laying artificial turf down £0 per sqr metre
Replacing an old wooden fence for a new fence £0
Erecting a wooden shed on an existing base £0
Cost to weed a garden £0
Cost to mow the lawn £0

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Gardener hourly and daily rates in Pr0
Gardener Hourly and Daily Rates in Pr0 (excluding VAT or callout charges)
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