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WN5 electricians from £18 per hour - get FREE quotes

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Electrician's rates near WN5

Range from the cheapest £18 per hour and £140 per day (Jay Tec Industries Ltd based in WN8) to the dearest £45 per hour and £360 per day (CRG Plumbing & Electrical based in WA5).

Comparing hourly and daily rates of Electrician's gives you an idea of who will be better value but the best way to compare costs is to get actual quotes.

What to do - describe your job in the box above and we will send it to our local electricians.

Rough guide for how much basic electrical work in WN5 costs;

Installation of light fittings£138
Repair of light fittings£69
Installation of light switches£92
Repair of light switches£46
Installing additional power sockets£138
Repairing a power socket£92
Installation of an electric hob £147
Repair of an electric hob£184
Installation of an Induction hob£275
Installation of an extractor hood£229
Repair of an extractor hood£138
Installing a shower where a previous shower used to be£321
Repair to an electric shower£220
Install an extractor fan£184
Repair an extractor fan£138
Install an electric heated towel rail£216
Repair an electric heated towel rail£69
Installing an additional or new consumer unit£688
Replace an existing consumer unit£413
Relocate an existing consumer unit or fuse box £505
Previously called a Periodic inspection Report (PIR)
or an Electrical Safety Report / Certificate for tenancy
Troubleshooting and diagnosing an electric fault£170
Rewiring a single room or circuit£918
Rewiring an average 3 bed home£3442

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