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Why is it important to get more than one quote?

Whether you are considering a once off new job in your garden (big or small) or having on-going garden maintenance, it is always advisable practice to call around and get a few quotes for your garden project. This way you are sure to not be taken advantage of by paying more than you should as well as shopping around for quotes is a good way to build knowledge of prices based on different expertise of gardeners as well as seeing what different garden companies offer as standard with your project. Some gardeners may include removing of garden debris while others might leave that for you to deal with after the project has been completed. Speaking with more than one gardener while getting quotes, also opens you up to different ideas for your project because while speaking to the different experts they may have differing opinions or advice and explain varying ways that they will carrying out the work.

When it comes to small garden work, as most of the labour is the call out fee, it might be better to lump a few small jobs into one bigger project as that will work out more cost effective when you are shopping around for quotes.

What should I make sure my quote includes?

When looking for a garden quote, make sure you have a comprehensive plan regarding the layout of any landscaping work you might want completed in your garden and if it is general tidy up and maintenance work, it is worth writing a list of everything you would like carried out, e.g. do not just write down weeding and pruning but rather list the areas; weed patio, weed path, weed rock bed, prune rose bush, prune magnolia…

This will ensure that when gardeners arrive to quote, they are quoting for the same work you have in mind rather than any assumptions on what you might mean it is spelt out on exactly the work you want carrying out. This way, the quotes that you receive from the various gardeners, will all be quoting on the same job therefore a lot more comparable.

If you are receiving quotes for maintenance work, e.g. a regular lawn mow, do check the quote to see if it includes the removal of garden waste. If there is regular follow up work rather than a once off mow, does your quote include any discount for on-going work. Check that the gardener has the tools needed and that a quote coming in cheaper is not perhaps because you are meant to supply the lawn mower, rake and other tools.

For landscaping work, your quote might include daily charges, check to see if there has been a discount from their hourly charge. Landscaping projects often require materials e.g. concrete and pavers for a pathway or sleepers for a terraced look in the garden, most often the quote will include a charge for sourcing the materials as the gardener is spending time driving to fetch and deliver to your home. If the amount quoted for this seems high, offer to order online and pay for it upfront with delivery to your home before your gardener is due. The quote should clearly show labour separately from the material costs. Google makes it easier to check the material charges and see if they are in-line with the going rates.

As landscaping work can depend on the type of surface they are digging in to and the weather (pavers cannot be laid in heavy rain), check if the quote covers a set amount of days or rather the work being completed as you do not want to find yourself agreeing to a quote and then the weather drags the job on for a few more days of which you have to pay for those ‘rained off’ days.

Is a verbal quote enough or should I request having my quote emailed?

Never only accept a verbal quote as this can lead to miscommunication whether intended or an innocent mistake. Rather insist on having a quote emailed or a written quote left at your property from when the gardener has come out to access the work needed.

Having the quote in writing gives you security that the work promised will be the work completed and also shows the professionalism of the gardener with their willingness to produce a written estimate. The written quote should include the gardeners company details for added peace of mind that if you have any issues afterwards, you have a way to make contact with your chosen gardener.

How can I get a quote easily and quickly?

Most people are put off by getting multiple quotes as it seems like a headache having to call around, wait in for gardeners to show up and quote but HaMuch.com takes the hassle and stress out of getting multiple quotes because on HaMuch.com it takes seconds to post your job, and immediately you see a list of the gardeners in your area and their charges and then you can easily message the gardeners who fall into your budget to discuss your gardening needs.

Rates for other trades

Gardener Quotes: Estimated Hourly and Daily Rates
Gardeners hourly and daily rates (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Gardener near Ashfield£52.5£365
Gardener near Barnsley£250£700
Gardener near Basildon£28.75£220
Gardener near Bath & North East Somerset£47.5£310
Gardener near Birmingham£25£200
Gardener near Blackburn£65£480
Gardener near Bolton£32.5£245
Gardener near Bracknell Forest£35£240
Gardener near Braintree£99£200
Gardener near Brighton£50£350
Gardener near Bristol£47.5£330
Gardener near Broxtowe£75£500
Gardener near Bury£35£240
Gardener near Chelmsford£64.5£370
Gardener near Chester£120£900
Gardener near Colchester£99£250
Gardener near Dacorum£45£250
Gardener near Dudley£25£180
Gardener near East Hertfordshire£47.5£325
Gardener near Elmbridge£35£222.5
Gardener near Epping Forest£35£230
Gardener near Guildford£25£200
Gardener near Halton£42.5£375
Gardener near Horsham£50£400
Gardener near Ipswich£45£400
Gardener near Knowsley£50£400
Gardener near Liverpool£52.5£650
Gardener near London£35£245
Gardener near Luton£69£512.5
Gardener near Manchester£40£250
Gardener near Mid Sussex£50£352.5
Gardener near North Somerset£40£340
Gardener near Nottingham£75£500
Gardener near Oldham£35£220
Gardener near Portsmouth£80£500
Gardener near Preston£50£415
Gardener near Reading£42.5£270
Gardener near Reigate & Banstead£30£220
Gardener near Rochdale£32.5£225
Gardener near Rotherham£70£500
Gardener near Salford£35£220
Gardener near Sandwell£25£180
Gardener near Sefton£25£900
Gardener near Sevenoaks£39.5£292.5
Gardener near Slough£40£240
Gardener near Solihull£32.5£200
Gardener near South Gloucestershire£55£360
Gardener near Southend-on-Sea£30£500
Gardener near St Albans£40£265
Gardener near St Helens£50£400
Gardener near Stockport£45£265
Gardener near Tameside£40£250
Gardener near Thurrock£30£220
Gardener near Trafford£37.5£235
Gardener near Walsall£25£200
Gardener near Warrington£52.5£450
Gardener near Waverley£55£425
Gardener near West Lancashire£30£295
Gardener near Wigan£35£375
Gardener near Windsor & Maidenhead£30£212.5
Gardener near Wirral£50£400
Gardener near Wokingham£30£240
Gardener near Wolverhampton£32.5£225
Gardener near Wycombe£30£240