Hot water in shower keeps going cold

The hot water in my shower keeps going cold. It starts off hot but then after a couple of minutes turns cold, turning the shower off then immediately back on heats the water up again but still goes cold after a couple of minutes each time. The shower is plumbed, not electric, and all other hot water in the house runs fine. I changed the shower head recently but only swapped the head and hose which comes out of the tap/temp control, didn't touch any of the feeder pipes etc. When the showers running the boiler fires, but turns itself off after a minute or so, as mentioned it doesn't do this with any other hot water taps in the house. Any ideas on what could be the cause?

Andy - NG10

Asked: April 27 2018

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No hot water in shower

My shower has never been boiling hot. The house is only 3 years old. And the flow is rubbish but in the last few weeks the tap is on the highest setting and the water is tepid every other setting is cold. Sometimes the warm water doesn’t come on until I turn the hot bath tap on. I am not sure what the problem is

JuG - GL6

Asked: April 20 2018

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