No hot water in shower

3 yr old new build, shower never been great. Hot water stopped coming out of shower tap but does come out of the bath tap and other taps in the house. Changed the cartridge, no improvement, so put original cartridge back in. Then couldn't turn shower water off so had to isolate the water to the shower. Hot water bath tap pressure is now less since isolating shower. Bath has an anti scald / blending valve. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what to try next?

JuG - GU6

Asked: July 09 2018

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Hot water in shower keeps going cold

The hot water in my shower keeps going cold. It starts off hot but then after a couple of minutes turns cold, turning the shower off then immediately back on heats the water up again but still goes cold after a couple of minutes each time. The shower is plumbed, not electric, and all other hot water in the house runs fine. I changed the shower head recently but only swapped the head and hose which comes out of the tap/temp control, didn't touch any of the feeder pipes etc. When the showers running the boiler fires, but turns itself off after a minute or so, as mentioned it doesn't do this with any other hot water taps in the house. Any ideas on what could be the cause?

Andy - NG10

Asked: April 27 2018

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Smart Control / Thermostat

I have a Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler. It was installed with a wireless thermostat but I want this changed to Nest but it might require wiring and connecting up.

Tosh - E1W

Asked: March 21 2018

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Why does my basin gurgle when toilet is blocked?

When we have a lot of rainy weather my downstairs toilet tends to block up and can’t be used. (Upstairs toilet works fine.) The downstairs bathroom basin makes scary loud gurgling sounds especially when I flush the downstairs toilet. Is the toilet and basin somehow connected? If the rainy weather is the cause, wouldn’t that also block the upstairs toilet? I have tried plunging but this doesn’t work.

Jack - KT6

Asked: March 01 2018

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Why is my boiler loosing pressure weekly?

Please Help! My boiler keeps loosing pressure and yet there is no sign of water leaking anywhere. I live in a new build and moved in 2 years ago. It is a double storey. I had no issues for the first year and then it started loosing up to 1 bar of pressure a week. I have had engineers come through and check the overflow pipe and I keep being told that with this amount of water I should see a leak but there is no sign of leaks. The heat exchanger has been checked as well and boiler service carried out. I keep hearing about leak detection kits but no one seems to own them. What else can be checked?

Julie - GL1

Asked: March 01 2018

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Noisy radiators keeping me awake

My radiators make a loud clucking popping sound in the morning when the central heating system first fires up, this noise lasts about 45min to an hour. It also happens at night. I don’t really notice the noise during the day (only weekends when I am home in the day). What is the cause of the loud noise in the morning and how can I stop it as it wakes me?

Jan - BN3

Asked: February 28 2018

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