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Mice in the house

Mice are coming into the kitchen from underneath the cooker (the floor under the cooker & the kitchen cupboards is not tiled). Is there a way of getting rid of them without having to move out the cooker & ripping out the kitchen units?

Mick - CV7

Asked: July 31 2021

Answers: 0

Foxes under decking

Foxes are getting under my garden decking. I boarded all the access points that I could see and now they have started digging under one side of the decking. Has anybody got any recommendations on how to stop them digging?

Justin - TW4

Asked: July 28 2021

Answers: 0

How do I get a Pest Control Expert to fumigate my home?

Bad flea infestation.

None - NP10

Asked: September 27 2020

Answers: 0

Do I have a moth infestation?

I have noticed a few moths over summer in my house. Never many, perhaps two sitting on the lounge curtains and a random moth in the hallway and maybe another two spotted in bedroom, does this mean I have a moth infestation or is it normal to see a few in the house over summer?

Nicola - SE7

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 1