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Will removing very old wallpaper bring down chunks of my wall?

I have moved into a very old London home that seems to have been unmaintained for long periods and all the walls are covered in a plain wall paper. I painted over it before I moved in and some of the walls have bubbled. Most of the bubbles settled down once the paint dried but there are a few bad areas that now a few months on just look awful. I would like to get the wallpaper removed and walls painted as the worst area is the hallway as you enter so it is very noticeable. I have heard horror stories about wall crumbling as the paper is removed and how it can be a massive job but not actually sure what a ‘massive job’ means. Is it a case of just adding some plaster to smooth the walls? Assuming getting a tradesperson in you have the correct machinery needed to do the job quickly with least mess so you would steam off the paper and would this still damage walls? I live in a small London flat so it’s not a big hallway. At a guess how many days would be needed?

Natasha - SW19

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 14