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Front door planters

What is the best type of tree to plant in a large planter by a south-facing front door (in London)? Ideally, I’d like something quick growing & evergreen that does not require much attention. Is there a good alternative to an olive tree?

Jane - SW12

Asked: July 24 2021

Answers: 0

Artificial grass fitting.

Hi, how much would you charge roughly to fit artificial grass on a 17x4m garden. Thank you

Christine - Wals

Asked: July 13 2021

Answers: 1

Bamboo screen

Hi, I'd like to create a green screen between my and my neighbour's garden. Can anybody suggest a plant that would grow quickly and be of sufficient height, e.g. at least 1.5 meters. I was thinking bamboo but have been warned that it might be too invasive. Any suggestions? Also, ideally I'd like something evergreen.

Maria - SW17

Asked: July 07 2021

Answers: 2

How do I stop my shed floor from rotting?

I had an apex dip treated security overlap shed fitted a year ago on a concrete base and within a few months of it being fitted I noticed the wood on the bottom is damp. Someone advised me to slide a plastic sheet between the base and the shed as that was meant to stop water being drawn up from the concrete. This has made no difference.

Francis - LE65

Asked: March 08 2018

Answers: 5

Old fence needs replacing

Some of our wooden fence panels are broken and the fence looks old and fragile but we can't afford a new fence AND posts so wanting to find out if new fence panels can be slotted in using the existing wooden posts? The current panels are 182cm wide and 117cm high. We are saving up for our wedding so really need the best priced option.

David - CV21

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 5

Root removal

Had a tall elderflower tree and a laurel bush cut right down leaving just the stumps exposed. I have tried to dig up the stump and roots myself but it appears massive and very deep down. How can I get the root removed? Is there a way to kill it off without destroying the grass around?

Ms - SW8

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 5