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Replace 8 dimmer lights - bedroom

I’ve been quoted £480 to replace 8 dimmer lights in the bedroom (cost of lights is extra). It seems a lot - am I right?

Adam - SW4

Asked: July 30 2021

Answers: 2

Cooker - fit a new grill element

I have a new grill element for a cooker - but I can’t fit it in because it has to be screwed in from the back, the entire cooker would have to be pulled & then pushed back in the right position. It’s a gas & electric cooker - do I need an electrician AND a gas engineer?

Callum - PL12

Asked: July 29 2021

Answers: 0

Underfloor heating - bathroom

I would like underfloor heating for the new bathroom and don’t know if it's better to go for an electric or water-based system. Is there much difference in running costs - and which one is less likely to go wrong?

Bobby - MK41

Asked: July 27 2021

Answers: 0

Open plan kitchen lighting

Open plan kitchen is not lit properly, too many dark corners. Should I speak to an electrician about it - or should I first consult a kitchen designer?

Bobby - MK41

Asked: July 25 2021

Answers: 1

job postings

How many job postings related to electrical work in your company. Is there a survey or chart where we can see this?

seyit - E1

Asked: December 08 2020

Answers: 0

Mains trip

I am experiencing a trip in my main and when I try to reposition switch to on it makes a loud blow sound. This trip has cause me to lose power in all the downstairs sockets in my house. What could be the cause and possible price estimate to get it sorted

Trekaboom - DH7

Asked: December 04 2020

Answers: 1

Is it legal for me to fit my own electric oven?

My oven has stopped working and I have ordered a new Smeg electric oven. Do I need to have a qualified electrician come round and fit it or can I just get on with fitting it? Is it like a boiler where an electrician needs to issue a safety certificate?

Rebecca - OX4

Asked: March 28 2018

Answers: 7

How big a job is it to add a light in the loft?

I have access to a loft, with nothing in there apart from a boiler and would like to start using my loft for storage but I need to get some lighting installed first as it is so dark up there – is this a fairly simple and cheap job to do? There is no existing cables that I can see from there ever being a previous light.

Daniel - GU52

Asked: March 01 2018

Answers: 19

1950’s house with single sockets in the rooms

I own a 1950’s house with single sockets in the rooms – I think these are pretty much the original sockets as they are not sunken into the walls but stick out. I would like to add 2 extra sockets in the main room and 2 more in the lounge. What do I need to consider before getting someone in? Does this mean the fusebox has to be replaced? will the new sockets be sunken in and not match the existing? Do they all need to be sunken in? Could the old fusebox handle extra sockets? What disruption to walls / floorboards / carpets will this be?

Denise - CR4

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 18

Repositioning ceiling lights

Hi, please give me some advice. My lounge has two small light fittings that are equally spaced on the ceiling. I would like to have them removed and replaced with one centre light that I can have as more of a feature. What’s the best way of removing one set of light wiring and moving the other set across into the centre of the room? Thanks.

D. - ME12

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 11