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how much for 17m

hayley - N17

Asked: April 09 2021

Answers: 0

mdf radiator shelf bending

Hi, I have just purchased a 1200mm long radiator shelf, simple brackets and slots behind the rad. It keeps bending/lifting in the middle when the rad is on. How do i stop this? I dont want to put heavy items on it. Should i put a timber 'splint' underneath so it will resist lifting in the middle?

Nicola - L21

Asked: October 30 2020

Answers: 0

Kitchen cupboards

Is it ok to mount kitchen cupboards above a radiator

Russ - LS9

Asked: June 01 2020

Answers: 0

Squeaky Stair

I live in a double storey house with carpeted floors and stairs. The last year my top stair makes an awful squeak and is getting louder and sagging. As it is carpeted I cant see what is wrong with it. Can someone let me know what they think might be wrong with the stair and how big a job is it to repair as I am worried about the carpet having to be lifted. Thanks

Jenny - GL52

Asked: July 09 2018

Answers: 2

Staircase into loft

I want to build a staircase from my landing up into my loft. Someone recommended MDF or soft wood - is that appropriate? Will it last for the next 20 years? Any other suggestions?

Richard - W13

Asked: June 12 2018

Answers: 2

Will wooden shelves above my radiators be safe and keep heat in the room?

I have radiators fixed onto external walls with no cavity wall insulation and a lot of heat is lost through the walls. I am considering getting some radiator shelves made to contain the heat inside the rooms and to double up as extra storage. Do I need a special wood to handle the heat of the radiators? Will it be safe to use the shelves to store books or will it be too hot? Does the wood have to have a special treatment to handle the constant heat?

R - HA3

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 8