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A patch of rendering has come off the side of my house (approx 3ft by 3ft). Can this be patched or does the entire wall need to be re-rendered?

Andy - NG10

Asked: August 31 2018

Answers: 1

Two floors show damp on the chimney breast

My chimney breast runs through the ground floor, a bedroom on the first floor and the attic. There is dampness on the chimney on the first floor and attic but not on the ground floor. I have closed the chimney flue from the bottom using chimney sheep for few months, has this caused condensation which is showing as the dampness? Or do I need to be worried about another reason for the dampness?

Mike - HA3

Asked: April 26 2018

Answers: 1

Brick wall 40' long by 6' high

Advice please; a) Foundations b) Double or single skinned c) Someone mentioned must attach to brickwork of house d) Anything else?

Godden - NN12

Asked: March 23 2018

Answers: 3

Is water inside double glazing windows causing damage?

I have double glazing windows that were installed about 5-7 years ago and they trap a lot of condensation in between the glass. This seems to be getting worse. In the morning water runs down the inside of the window and during the day some windows just remain hazy. Will this eventually cause damage to the frame or anything else? Is it due to faulty window frames? How can this be fixed?

Jason - MK8

Asked: March 01 2018

Answers: 6

Can I seal up airbricks?

Old 2bed maisonette from the 40s or 50s with open airbricks in lounge and both bedrooms makes the house freezing as all of the warmth from the radiators escape out. Is it safe to block up airbricks or do they still serve a purpose? How can it be done with least mess as the rooms have been recently painted?

Calvin - N8

Asked: March 01 2018

Answers: 12

From laminated to carpet

I currently have thin laminated flooring. My neighbour underneath me says she can hear my every footstep. House is also freezing so for added warmth and sound barrier I would like to carpet my home. Can carpet be laid directly on top of the existing flooring? What is involved in this kind of job? It would be to carpet 3 rooms and a hallway.

Steve - NN16

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 8