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No hot water in shower

3 yr old new build, shower never been great. Hot water stopped coming out of shower tap but does come out of the bath tap and other taps in the house. Changed the cartridge, no improvement, so put original cartridge back in. Then couldn't turn shower water off so had to isolate the water to the shower. Hot water bath tap pressure is now less since isolating shower. Bath has an anti scald / blending valve. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what to try next?

JuG - GU6

Asked: July 09 2018


If no hot water only in the shower it self could be the cartridge faulty

Luka Safe and Warm Ltd

July 08 2020

More than likely an installation issue. Seen plenty on new builds. The apprentice probably plumbed it in.

RPM Services

July 05 2020

Are you on stored hot water If so could be pressure problem If on combi a isolation valve may have been fitted wrong way. round Disconnect shower to see if water is flowing might be a plumbers job but worth the effort

BJP Building Contractors

December 31 2019