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Hot water in shower keeps going cold

The hot water in my shower keeps going cold. It starts off hot but then after a couple of minutes turns cold, turning the shower off then immediately back on heats the water up again but still goes cold after a couple of minutes each time. The shower is plumbed, not electric, and all other hot water in the house runs fine. I changed the shower head recently but only swapped the head and hose which comes out of the tap/temp control, didn't touch any of the feeder pipes etc. When the showers running the boiler fires, but turns itself off after a minute or so, as mentioned it doesn't do this with any other hot water taps in the house. Any ideas on what could be the cause?

Andy - NG10

Asked: April 27 2018


If your shower is a thermostatic mixer the thermostat may be faulty or if a combi boiler might be blocked plate heat exchanger

Mark Denny

January 31 2019

If the shower has filters washers on then they could have debris on them. Come across this a couple of times

February 24 2019