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Is it legal for me to fit my own electric oven?

My oven has stopped working and I have ordered a new Smeg electric oven. Do I need to have a qualified electrician come round and fit it or can I just get on with fitting it? Is it like a boiler where an electrician needs to issue a safety certificate?

Rebecca - OX4

Asked: March 28 2018


I am so disappointed, how come a proper elecrician can say yes you can install your own oven, do you know cable calcs, can check loop impedance test.. No.......

December 14 2019

This is something that you should really have a competent person do if in doubt call an electrician £50 is cheaper than risking a life if u get it wrong

911 Electrical

April 03 2018

You can install the oven yourself

C Miller Electrical Services

March 28 2018

Yes it is legal. Then a cooker has been connected a minor work certificate should be issue.

Weblight Electrical Projects ltd

June 29 2020

You are legally allowed to do your own appliance changes socket fronts and light fittings in your own house. It is advised to get in an electrician only. If you feel confident my advise to you would be. Make sure you have no bare conductors showing or stray flex ends. Make sure screws are tight. Not over tight! And the oven is a like for like model wattage rating. If it's a better more powerful oven you will need cable calculations to determine if the cable is big enough to cope with the demand. The varying factors is why it is advised to get a competent electrician to fit. Certificates only need to be issued if a change to the electrical system. Hope this clears things up for you. And if your not sure just call some one. Going rates to replace would be around £50-70.

RPM Services

July 05 2020

Hi Rebecca, it is legal for you to swap the oven over if you feel confident to do so. The main difference is we would also carry out electrical tests on the circuit that we are connecting it to to confirm that everything is working correctly. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself on 0808 155 0887 or 07876 232657. Sean

April 04 2018

Only if you are comfortable doing so and feel you have the expertise.

JB Electrical Services

April 03 2018