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How do I stop my shed floor from rotting?

I had an apex dip treated security overlap shed fitted a year ago on a concrete base and within a few months of it being fitted I noticed the wood on the bottom is damp. Someone advised me to slide a plastic sheet between the base and the shed as that was meant to stop water being drawn up from the concrete. This has made no difference.

Francis - LE65

Asked: March 08 2018


Put shed on concrete fence posts to create an air duct, free circulation of air should solve any damp issues

Ross Property Maintenance

March 11 2018

if you put a base of hard core down and slabs to level it will free drain and also if you dry out and put wood paint on it it should stop it rotting

Garden Crafts & Services

March 08 2018

Can treat floor so it becomes water proof(if it's not to damaged, or make new floor using slaps which will solve the problem

Shakina Glory Removals

March 08 2018

It sounds like the base is not level and doesn't have enough of a fall to allow it to drain and water is laying underneath. Remove shed and check the base is correct.

All in One Property Enterprises Ltd

March 08 2018

When I do a shed. I put down hard core and then flags. I then put some concrete lentils so the shed is off the floor a bit

Fresh Cut Gardens N/W

March 08 2018