Is water inside double glazing windows causing damage?

I have double glazing windows that were installed about 5-7 years ago and they trap a lot of condensation in between the glass. This seems to be getting worse. In the morning water runs down the inside of the window and during the day some windows just remain hazy. Will this eventually cause damage to the frame or anything else? Is it due to faulty window frames? How can this be fixed?

Jason - MK8

Asked: March 01 2018


Replace units but make sure the drainage holes are clear or the same might happen again

Wizard conservatories

March 23 2018

Hi there The glass units have broken down. ..They need to be replaced


March 08 2018

Sounds like glass seal has failed, common problem. You can change failed glass units only, not frames.

JH (Builders)

March 08 2018

Seal is broken need to replace glassing unit

David Williams General Builder & Maintenance

March 08 2018

You need new glass units.

BBM Building & Maintenance

March 08 2018

Does the windows have trickle vents because if not that is a major factor in some window condensation troubles

Ness Construction Fife Ltd

March 08 2018