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Can I seal up airbricks?

Old 2bed maisonette from the 40s or 50s with open airbricks in lounge and both bedrooms makes the house freezing as all of the warmth from the radiators escape out. Is it safe to block up airbricks or do they still serve a purpose? How can it be done with least mess as the rooms have been recently painted?

Calvin - N8

Asked: March 01 2018


Below dpc level no they ventilate the floor void to stop the timbers from rotting


March 08 2018

Yes. They were installed for ventilation for the old boiler system. Now you have a modern gas boiler they are no longer required.


March 08 2018

Don't seal up airvents. You can insulate the floor though

March 08 2018

I can’t believe some of the replies I read Air Brick are there for a reason Below floor level these should never be blocked up Above DPC these give ventilation in many cases blocking these up starts black spot mould Air flow through out your property is important

One Call Building Services (Herts) Ltd

July 09 2018

Only solution is to take up floor lay damp proof membrain with type1 stone then concrete

Rm Construction

March 09 2018

You must not seal them up, they are there to stop the floor rotting

Sean W Scott General Builder

March 08 2018

You can put a hit & miss vent inside, but air vents sill serve a purpose

A House Builder

March 08 2018

Hi No they need to be there or mould and damp will start You can buy cover vents that have screen so only let in very minor air But air flow is vital

Garston Decor

March 08 2018

No the wooden floor needs to breath so it doesn't rot

March 08 2018


David Williams General Builder & Maintenance

March 08 2018

Above Dpc level on a cavity walls thay insulate the inner wall and below thay allow timber joists to breath which prevent damp and rot

March 08 2018

Just realised I'm replying to old messages. Lol

RPM Services

July 05 2020