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How big a job is it to add a light in the loft?

I have access to a loft, with nothing in there apart from a boiler and would like to start using my loft for storage but I need to get some lighting installed first as it is so dark up there – is this a fairly simple and cheap job to do? There is no existing cables that I can see from there ever being a previous light.

Daniel - GU52

Asked: March 01 2018


It is easy to install a light in the loft with a switch located above floor level ...or a pull switch.... I would also recommend installing angled type baton holder lamp fittings or sealed type of bulkhead lamp fitting in case there is stood leak. you also mentioned that you boiler ie located in the loft.... I do hope the pipework is well may want to consider installing a electronic device to protect the pipes from freezing. Lloyd Wallace

Lloyd Wallace

March 11 2018

Yes it’s very straightforward to put a light and switch in the loft should only take a couple of hours for a pendant style light. Different types of lights may take longer.

Oxley Electrical Contractors Ltd

March 08 2018

Very easy job and about 3 hours work. Price range £70-£110.

March 09 2018

What they all said!

RJB Electrical

March 08 2018

Hi this is quite an easy job to do Give us a call 07495649099


March 27 2019

Not too much of a problem at all as there will be existing feed already in that area. Probably done under £100

M D B Electrical Ltd

March 08 2018

Its a relatively small job

Stephen Goulding

March 08 2018

Hi Sorry for late reply. Yes you can have one double socket and one light from upstairs socket and light.

March 08 2018

Very easy to install a light by coming off 1 of the lights from the floor below

D K Electrics

March 08 2018

Usually a very simple job and parts are inexpensive

AGH Property Services

March 08 2018

Yes, it is fairly easy. The best way is to take a supply off an existing light from the upstairs lighting circuit (preferably the last light on that circuit) as long as you can access the wires from the loft.

G S Electrical

March 08 2018

Hi, it should be fairly easy to extend the lighting circuit for the floor below to include loft lighting, providing the existing circuit is protected by an RCD at the fuse box. The job should take 2-3 hours depending on how easy it is to access the other circuit.

March 08 2018

What area are you ?

March 08 2018

Adding a light is usually a relatively small job as a feed can be taken from the light in the ceiling below. It can become more involved if the loft space is boarded over or the lights in the ceiling do not have a permanent live feed, as is the case when they are looped at the switches instead of the ceiling rose.

Riverside Electrical & Property Services

March 08 2018

This is a very simple job done at a minimal cost please feel free to contact us at AJP Electrics 07951427730 for a free no obligation estimate.

AJP Electrics Ltd

March 08 2018

Fairly easy come of the last light of the upstairs circuit and run a switch wire in 1 hour or 2

K.D.A Electrical

March 08 2018

fairly simple and low cost job.feel free to call us on 07877433741 SS.ELECTRICAL SERVICES

SS Electrical Services

March 08 2018

This should be a relatively simple job, the most common way of doing this is to take a feed from the upstairs lighting circuit. If the loft is boarded then extra time would need to be allowed for moving them around. I'd recommend putting as much light up there as your budget will allow, the last thing you want is to put a foot through the ceiling because you couldn't see what you were doing. The most efficient lighting for the space would be LED batten lighting, 2 or 3 of these should provide ample lighting for the space.

AllSpark Electrical Solutions

March 08 2018

Can run a cable from one of the existing ceiling roses to the light point, and put a switch in between somewhere next to the access door. It’s just a couple of hours job, cost around £100.


March 08 2018