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Rules Re: CCTV

If I get CCTV installed, do I need to legally display a sign stating I have CCTV footage? I have an on going dispute with my neighbour regarding abusive language toward me, and would like to get CCTV installed in my home to capture the shouting over at me, am I legally required to notify my neighbour of CCTV being installed?

Jen - HP13

Asked: February 28 2018


I would always recommend putting signage up to comply with data protection and you should warn all visitors to your property that they are on cctv, however sound recording is only allowed under certain circumstances details are on the gov site or email me and I will be happy to email you back the current laws on cctv domestic and commercial. Is my web site All the best Martin

Love CCTV Security

March 09 2018

hello, sorry cctv is not my line of work as i am a vehicle locksmith


March 08 2018

You do need to have visa me signage stating “CCTV Recording or “CCTV in operation” as a legal requirement however you do not have to notify your neighbour. Kind regards Rob

The Alarm Surgery

March 08 2018

No you don’t, however any member of the public that think they have been recorded have the right to look at the recording, you as the owner of the cctv system can then charge them any amount you think is reasonable to provide them with a copy of the footage any more questions give me a call 07753270204


March 08 2018

Google is your friend but this is something worth reading.

A1 Lockman Security Ltd.

March 08 2018