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Root removal

Had a tall elderflower tree and a laurel bush cut right down leaving just the stumps exposed. I have tried to dig up the stump and roots myself but it appears massive and very deep down. How can I get the root removed? Is there a way to kill it off without destroying the grass around?

Ms - SW8

Asked: February 28 2018


yes you can roseate 360 tf it will kill the roots off

garden & landscaping

March 08 2018

it will be dependant on what the area where the stump is to be used for if its to be replanted or gravel then i would hire a stump grinder for the day very easy to use and will take the intense labour of hand chopping tidy up and put membrane over if decrotive stone layed

bluebutterfly garden design

March 10 2018

Please call on 07419774379

Lees Trees Your Total Tree Care Service

March 08 2018

A treatment of eco plugs or stump grinding Call 07722588713 for a quote

Terrestrial Arboriculture

March 08 2018

It sounds like you need a stump grinder this will take stump below ground level so you don't see stump !

Harry Albert's Tree Care

March 08 2018