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Smoking Diesel

I drive a 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi Zetec and have it serviced yearly. My service is next due only in October and over this cold spell it is smoking badly every time I accelerate / pull off. I can see a puff of smoke from my review mirror and have noticed it sometimes when I change up a gear. Other than that the car is behaving normally, no other issues. I have only noticed this over the last two weeks while its so cold so unsure if it is just the cold or another issue. Do I need to get it looked at or is it ok to wait a few months until closer to my service due date?

Marta - CR0

Asked: February 28 2018


As mentioned before, the vehicle needs to be seen to diagnosis its true problem/ problems

October 09 2020

Sorry for the late reply ... only just seen notification. .. it is probably the cold temperature but hard to be 100% sure without seeing the car .. you are welcome to book it in and I can check it out for piece of mind .. hope this helps you Regards Paul

Solway mobile tyres and car repairs

March 09 2018

Sorry for the late reply, I only just had a notification. Without seeing the issue first hand it’s difficult to say if it needs any attention I’d be happy to advise you if you pop in and I’m able to see the issue

March 08 2018

As previously mentioned, it's difficult to diagnose without seeing the car. We also offer the Terraclean process as an authorised service centre. The process cleans the carbon build up within the engine. Please see our website page for further details. We have had similar cars to yours with similar problems and sorted it with a Terraclean. If you are not local to us, there are service centres around the UK

Pale Classics Ltd

March 08 2018

Hi it seems like your turbo seals are worn and it’s letting in oil in to combustion chamber . Could you let me have the mileage of your vehicle please

December 21 2020