From laminated to carpet

I currently have thin laminated flooring. My neighbour underneath me says she can hear my every footstep. House is also freezing so for added warmth and sound barrier I would like to carpet my home. Can carpet be laid directly on top of the existing flooring? What is involved in this kind of job? It would be to carpet 3 rooms and a hallway.

Steve - NN16

Asked: February 28 2018


You can laid underlay and carpet on top of the existing laminate flooring.Taking un to account that you are adding the thickness of new underlay and carpet to your floor datum line. So if carpet is finishing to tiles in your bathroom floor you are going to create a small floor level difference. Also some of the doors needs to get trimmed to accommodate the thickness of the new floor. Regards Svet

Svetmar Interiors Ltd

March 08 2018

Is better to take off the laminate first and see how the base floor is looking and then install the carpet.

Simalex London

March 10 2018

As long as floors are sound over laying is not a problem

JH (Builders)

March 08 2018

You can lay over as long as base floor is sound and not uneven However it is not hard to remove lamminates so I would remove first for peace of mind a good deep underlay should help stop noise from below


March 08 2018

It's better to remove it first as any inconsistencies in the flooring will show through the carpet. Always use a decent underlay.


March 08 2018