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Repositioning ceiling lights

Hi, please give me some advice. My lounge has two small light fittings that are equally spaced on the ceiling. I would like to have them removed and replaced with one centre light that I can have as more of a feature. What’s the best way of removing one set of light wiring and moving the other set across into the centre of the room? Thanks.

D. - ME12

Asked: February 28 2018


Simple enough job if there is access above, depending on the way the joists run may even be possible from downstairs!

RJB Electrical

March 08 2018

Easy enough to do if ceiling has void. About 3 hours work. Price range £70 - £110

March 09 2018

Hi floor boards would have to be lifted to alter the wiring for your request

A Fyffe Electrical

March 08 2018

Call a qualified electrician to quote for the job

Stephen Goulding

March 08 2018

Existing circuit can be moved however usually results in the ceiling needing light repairs after unless the is good access from above

AGH Property Services

March 08 2018

Should easy enough as long as there is access to the floor boards above and depending if they are switched separately or not!

X-Static Electrics

March 08 2018

A simple job if the floor boards can be lifted, even without it’s not too expensive, please feel free to contact us at AJP Electrics 07951427730 for a free no obligation estimate

AJP Electrics Ltd

March 08 2018

Without looking at the job it's difficult to say what's involved, best to get electrian to take a lo look

Horace Cliff

March 08 2018

a simple job but ,all depend on access to ceiling from above . feel free call on 07877433741 SS.ELECTRICAL SERVICES

SS Electrical Services

March 08 2018

It's not necessary to lift boards above - it's just easier. There's other methods that be used but without knowing if the ceiling is plaster board or lathe & plaster, height etc it's not so easy to quote.


March 08 2018

I agree with replys above easy if acess from above, a few hours work. If not acessable then small 5" holes can be cut into ceiling and patched up later. Of course this would only really work if it's plastered not artex. It's very hard to match artex.

RPM Services

July 05 2020