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how much for 17m

hayley - N17

Asked: April 09 2021

Answers: 0

Car front carpets wet

I am getting water seeping into my front foot wells and a sloshing water sound when I turn corners. I think it may be a blocked scuttle drain under the windscreen??? How much would it cost to get this cleaned out?

KC - DY12

Asked: January 30 2021

Answers: 0

job postings

How many job postings related to electrical work in your company. Is there a survey or chart where we can see this?

seyit - E1

Asked: December 08 2020

Answers: 0

Mains trip

I am experiencing a trip in my main and when I try to reposition switch to on it makes a loud blow sound. This trip has cause me to lose power in all the downstairs sockets in my house. What could be the cause and possible price estimate to get it sorted

Trekaboom - DH7

Asked: December 04 2020

Answers: 0


Which is the best low along the wall or regular

Seva -

Asked: November 05 2020

Answers: 0

mdf radiator shelf bending

Hi, I have just purchased a 1200mm long radiator shelf, simple brackets and slots behind the rad. It keeps bending/lifting in the middle when the rad is on. How do i stop this? I dont want to put heavy items on it. Should i put a timber 'splint' underneath so it will resist lifting in the middle?

Nicola - L21

Asked: October 30 2020

Answers: 0

How do I get a Pest Control Expert to fumigate my home?

Bad flea infestation.

None - NP10

Asked: September 27 2020

Answers: 0

Kitchen cupboards

Is it ok to mount kitchen cupboards above a radiator

Russ - LS9

Asked: June 01 2020

Answers: 0

can anybody help?

Washbasin water-stopper does not pop up.

betty -

Asked: February 13 2020

Answers: 2

Dash cam installer

I have a rear view dash cam which needs installing in car, just enquiring about costs. Thanks

Zahra - S5

Asked: April 09 2019

Answers: 2


A patch of rendering has come off the side of my house (approx 3ft by 3ft). Can this be patched or does the entire wall need to be re-rendered?

Andy - NG10

Asked: August 31 2018

Answers: 1

Squeaky Stair

I live in a double storey house with carpeted floors and stairs. The last year my top stair makes an awful squeak and is getting louder and sagging. As it is carpeted I cant see what is wrong with it. Can someone let me know what they think might be wrong with the stair and how big a job is it to repair as I am worried about the carpet having to be lifted. Thanks

Jenny - GL52

Asked: July 09 2018

Answers: 2

No hot water in shower

3 yr old new build, shower never been great. Hot water stopped coming out of shower tap but does come out of the bath tap and other taps in the house. Changed the cartridge, no improvement, so put original cartridge back in. Then couldn't turn shower water off so had to isolate the water to the shower. Hot water bath tap pressure is now less since isolating shower. Bath has an anti scald / blending valve. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what to try next?

JuG - GU6

Asked: July 09 2018

Answers: 3

Staircase into loft

I want to build a staircase from my landing up into my loft. Someone recommended MDF or soft wood - is that appropriate? Will it last for the next 20 years? Any other suggestions?

Richard - W13

Asked: June 12 2018

Answers: 2

Can I get my caravan cleaned at my home address?

My caravan is permanently parked on my property. It is covered in mildew and tree sap and needs a deep clean on the outside. It is a Elddis Knightsbridge 2 berth. I currently don’t have a way to tow it to a car wash and would like a service that can come to me and clean the caravan. Does such a service exist?

DSA - GU46

Asked: May 11 2018

Answers: 2

Hot water in shower keeps going cold

The hot water in my shower keeps going cold. It starts off hot but then after a couple of minutes turns cold, turning the shower off then immediately back on heats the water up again but still goes cold after a couple of minutes each time. The shower is plumbed, not electric, and all other hot water in the house runs fine. I changed the shower head recently but only swapped the head and hose which comes out of the tap/temp control, didn't touch any of the feeder pipes etc. When the showers running the boiler fires, but turns itself off after a minute or so, as mentioned it doesn't do this with any other hot water taps in the house. Any ideas on what could be the cause?

Andy - NG10

Asked: April 27 2018

Answers: 4

Two floors show damp on the chimney breast

My chimney breast runs through the ground floor, a bedroom on the first floor and the attic. There is dampness on the chimney on the first floor and attic but not on the ground floor. I have closed the chimney flue from the bottom using chimney sheep for few months, has this caused condensation which is showing as the dampness? Or do I need to be worried about another reason for the dampness?

Mike - HA3

Asked: April 26 2018

Answers: 1

Is it legal for me to fit my own electric oven?

My oven has stopped working and I have ordered a new Smeg electric oven. Do I need to have a qualified electrician come round and fit it or can I just get on with fitting it? Is it like a boiler where an electrician needs to issue a safety certificate?

Rebecca - OX4

Asked: March 28 2018

Answers: 7

Brick wall 40' long by 6' high

Advice please; a) Foundations b) Double or single skinned c) Someone mentioned must attach to brickwork of house d) Anything else?

Godden - NN12

Asked: March 23 2018

Answers: 3

Smart Control / Thermostat

I have a Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler. It was installed with a wireless thermostat but I want this changed to Nest but it might require wiring and connecting up.

Tosh - E1W

Asked: March 21 2018

Answers: 5

How do I stop my shed floor from rotting?

I had an apex dip treated security overlap shed fitted a year ago on a concrete base and within a few months of it being fitted I noticed the wood on the bottom is damp. Someone advised me to slide a plastic sheet between the base and the shed as that was meant to stop water being drawn up from the concrete. This has made no difference.

Francis - LE65

Asked: March 08 2018

Answers: 5

Is water inside double glazing windows causing damage?

I have double glazing windows that were installed about 5-7 years ago and they trap a lot of condensation in between the glass. This seems to be getting worse. In the morning water runs down the inside of the window and during the day some windows just remain hazy. Will this eventually cause damage to the frame or anything else? Is it due to faulty window frames? How can this be fixed?

Jason - MK8

Asked: March 01 2018

Answers: 6

Can I seal up airbricks?

Old 2bed maisonette from the 40s or 50s with open airbricks in lounge and both bedrooms makes the house freezing as all of the warmth from the radiators escape out. Is it safe to block up airbricks or do they still serve a purpose? How can it be done with least mess as the rooms have been recently painted?

Calvin - N8

Asked: March 01 2018

Answers: 12

How big a job is it to add a light in the loft?

I have access to a loft, with nothing in there apart from a boiler and would like to start using my loft for storage but I need to get some lighting installed first as it is so dark up there – is this a fairly simple and cheap job to do? There is no existing cables that I can see from there ever being a previous light.

Daniel - GU52

Asked: March 01 2018

Answers: 19

Why does my basin gurgle when toilet is blocked?

When we have a lot of rainy weather my downstairs toilet tends to block up and can’t be used. (Upstairs toilet works fine.) The downstairs bathroom basin makes scary loud gurgling sounds especially when I flush the downstairs toilet. Is the toilet and basin somehow connected? If the rainy weather is the cause, wouldn’t that also block the upstairs toilet? I have tried plunging but this doesn’t work.

Jack - KT6

Asked: March 01 2018

Answers: 16

Why is my boiler loosing pressure weekly?

Please Help! My boiler keeps loosing pressure and yet there is no sign of water leaking anywhere. I live in a new build and moved in 2 years ago. It is a double storey. I had no issues for the first year and then it started loosing up to 1 bar of pressure a week. I have had engineers come through and check the overflow pipe and I keep being told that with this amount of water I should see a leak but there is no sign of leaks. The heat exchanger has been checked as well and boiler service carried out. I keep hearing about leak detection kits but no one seems to own them. What else can be checked?

Julie - GL1

Asked: March 01 2018

Answers: 26

Do I have a moth infestation?

I have noticed a few moths over summer in my house. Never many, perhaps two sitting on the lounge curtains and a random moth in the hallway and maybe another two spotted in bedroom, does this mean I have a moth infestation or is it normal to see a few in the house over summer?

Nicola - SE7

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 1

What factors do I need to consider before I get an air con installed?

I have an old house that is freezing over winter and boiling over summer. I would like to get a small air con unit installed to cool the master bedroom and sitting room. Are there any important factors that I need to consider before having one installed? Do you get domestic versions like in hotels that do cold air and hot air to help solve both my season issues?

Mika - NW1

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 3

Extra cleaning work while I am not home

I am interested in having a cleaner once a week and have only ever booked 'the end of tenancy' professional cleans so unsure of the weekly cleaner protocol. Do I have to be home while the cleaner is in? Ideally I prefer to be at work while my house is being cleaned... is this normal practice or should I arrange the cleaner for when I am home to supervise? Can cleaners do extra jobs like folding away washing or cleaning out my fridge? Every week I would like an extra job done whether it is inside windows one week or my fridge the next.

Zoe - DY1

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 15

Rules Re: CCTV

If I get CCTV installed, do I need to legally display a sign stating I have CCTV footage? I have an on going dispute with my neighbour regarding abusive language toward me, and would like to get CCTV installed in my home to capture the shouting over at me, am I legally required to notify my neighbour of CCTV being installed?

Jen - HP13

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 5

Old fence needs replacing

Some of our wooden fence panels are broken and the fence looks old and fragile but we can't afford a new fence AND posts so wanting to find out if new fence panels can be slotted in using the existing wooden posts? The current panels are 182cm wide and 117cm high. We are saving up for our wedding so really need the best priced option.

David - CV21

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 5

Root removal

Had a tall elderflower tree and a laurel bush cut right down leaving just the stumps exposed. I have tried to dig up the stump and roots myself but it appears massive and very deep down. How can I get the root removed? Is there a way to kill it off without destroying the grass around?

Ms - SW8

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 5

Smoking Diesel

I drive a 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi Zetec and have it serviced yearly. My service is next due only in October and over this cold spell it is smoking badly every time I accelerate / pull off. I can see a puff of smoke from my review mirror and have noticed it sometimes when I change up a gear. Other than that the car is behaving normally, no other issues. I have only noticed this over the last two weeks while its so cold so unsure if it is just the cold or another issue. Do I need to get it looked at or is it ok to wait a few months until closer to my service due date?

Marta - CR0

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 5

Do Movers offer a more in depth service?

I detest moving day and wondered if it is at all possible to arrange a more in depth service. I would very much like for a company to arrive at my current home, carefully pack up my belongings – transport it to my new home – and help unpack obvious boxes eg clothes in the wardrobe, set up the kitchen, as I don’t have the time or patience for this. Is this a possibility?

Mr - SW13

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 8

Will removing very old wallpaper bring down chunks of my wall?

I have moved into a very old London home that seems to have been unmaintained for long periods and all the walls are covered in a plain wall paper. I painted over it before I moved in and some of the walls have bubbled. Most of the bubbles settled down once the paint dried but there are a few bad areas that now a few months on just look awful. I would like to get the wallpaper removed and walls painted as the worst area is the hallway as you enter so it is very noticeable. I have heard horror stories about wall crumbling as the paper is removed and how it can be a massive job but not actually sure what a ‘massive job’ means. Is it a case of just adding some plaster to smooth the walls? Assuming getting a tradesperson in you have the correct machinery needed to do the job quickly with least mess so you would steam off the paper and would this still damage walls? I live in a small London flat so it’s not a big hallway. At a guess how many days would be needed?

Natasha - SW19

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 14

Will wooden shelves above my radiators be safe and keep heat in the room?

I have radiators fixed onto external walls with no cavity wall insulation and a lot of heat is lost through the walls. I am considering getting some radiator shelves made to contain the heat inside the rooms and to double up as extra storage. Do I need a special wood to handle the heat of the radiators? Will it be safe to use the shelves to store books or will it be too hot? Does the wood have to have a special treatment to handle the constant heat?

R - HA3

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 8

From laminated to carpet

I currently have thin laminated flooring. My neighbour underneath me says she can hear my every footstep. House is also freezing so for added warmth and sound barrier I would like to carpet my home. Can carpet be laid directly on top of the existing flooring? What is involved in this kind of job? It would be to carpet 3 rooms and a hallway.

Steve - NN16

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 8

1950’s house with single sockets in the rooms

I own a 1950’s house with single sockets in the rooms – I think these are pretty much the original sockets as they are not sunken into the walls but stick out. I would like to add 2 extra sockets in the main room and 2 more in the lounge. What do I need to consider before getting someone in? Does this mean the fusebox has to be replaced? will the new sockets be sunken in and not match the existing? Do they all need to be sunken in? Could the old fusebox handle extra sockets? What disruption to walls / floorboards / carpets will this be?

Denise - CR4

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 18

Repositioning ceiling lights

Hi, please give me some advice. My lounge has two small light fittings that are equally spaced on the ceiling. I would like to have them removed and replaced with one centre light that I can have as more of a feature. What’s the best way of removing one set of light wiring and moving the other set across into the centre of the room? Thanks.

D. - ME12

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 11

Noisy radiators keeping me awake

My radiators make a loud clucking popping sound in the morning when the central heating system first fires up, this noise lasts about 45min to an hour. It also happens at night. I don’t really notice the noise during the day (only weekends when I am home in the day). What is the cause of the loud noise in the morning and how can I stop it as it wakes me?

Jan - BN3

Asked: February 28 2018

Answers: 17