car mechanics near Doncaster from £20 per hour

Average hourly rate from 15 car mechanics in Doncaster ex VAT or callout

Car Mechanic: Average Hourly and Daily Rates around Doncaster

Car Mechanic: Average Hourly and Daily Rates around Doncaster (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Car Mechanic near Doncaster£33£245
Car Mechanic near Rotherham£32£215
Car Mechanic near Bassetlaw£37£263
Car Mechanic near Barnsley£34£233
Car Mechanic near Sheffield£32£211
Car Mechanic near Wakefield£34£219
Car Mechanic near North Lincolnshire£32£231
Car Mechanic near Leeds£34£218
Car Mechanic near Kirklees£34£217
Car Mechanic near Ashfield£39£260

Car Mechanic job costs in Doncaster

Job detailsEstimate
Full annual car service cost £172
Replacement exhaust cost to supply and fit £132
MOT cost £53
Clutch replacement cost £432
Cost to replace brake pads and discs £246
Cheap car insurance £40.85 per month
Cheap motorbike insurance £8.85 per month
Cheap van insurance £45.85 per month

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Job detailsEstimate

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Jobs for Car Mechanics near Doncaster

Rear and front brake pads and discs changing

Replace engine coolant

Radiator coolant bleeding and change

Timing belt Nissan juke

Replace coil spring Merc c220

Misfire in cylinder 2/3 I have changed spark plugs and ignition coils and still doing it

Replace two front shockers, PJ63OFG

Replaced master cylinder now have air in break lines cant get firm pedal

Replace control arm audi a3

Clutch replacement, possibly full pressure plate, thrust bearing and clutch plate.

Intake manifold leaking on a 2015 vauxhall vivaro diesel van

Transmission needs putting back in

Water pump timing belt service