Looking at most of the house to be decorated. Please quote for each room separately & then give a total project estimate. If cheaper doing in one and if we can afford it in one hit, we will. I appreciate a viewing will be required before proceeding but this is for budget purposes only at this stage. Price is important but if there are other factors such as experience, customer reviews on social sites etc, these will also be considered when picking the best 3 estimates. We are happy to supply all paint, however if you wish to supply your own, please include in your estimate a breakdown between materials and labour. For each room we would like 2 coats on ceilings & walls and 2 coats on skirting boards, door frame & window sills. No windows or doors painted as are already PVC or are being replaced with brand new. I have only given window/door sizes below for if it helps you with meter coverage. If you are able to give separate prices for each room for painting ceilings/walls only and then woodwork separate that would be good, as some rooms the woodwork is in good condition so if the price difference is substantial enough, we may only have the ceilings & walls done in those rooms. All rooms are 2.4m height. Bedroom 1 = 4.35m x 3.26m (1 x door, 1 x window @ H-1.3 x L-1.9m) Bedroom 2 = 3.67 x 2.03 (1 x door, 1 x window @ 1.29x1.29m) Bedroom 3 = 3.68 x 1.70 (1 x door, 1 x window @ 1.29x1.29m) Dining Room = 3.65 x 3.2 (1 x door, 1 x window @ 1.3x1.9m, not sure why but woodwork in poor condition in this room so may need extra work doing before painting) Front room = 4.78 x 3.18 (1 x door, 1 x window @ 1.3x1.9m, wallpaper needs stripping, we've tested a couple of areas & its not like glue, its also not just falling off the walls unfortunately, anyone with a good steamer should find it fairly average. The bits we done left paint flake/mapping on walls so they might need work, happy to take recommendations. Other areas we can discuss upon viewing. Thanks in advance

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