Water damage from burst pipe in bathroom above. REPAIR BREAKDOWN Internal Repairs Room 1 - Kitchen Room Shape: Rectangle Room Dimensions (main area): Length: 2.65 m Width: 1.98 m Height: 2.60 m Floor/Ceiling Area: 5.25 m2 Room Perimeter: 9.26 m Wall Area: 24.08 m2 Description Unit Type Units PR01: Preliminaries > Debris removal and boarding/sheeting up Debris Removal (1 cubic yard, up to 1 tonne) - Collect loose general debris & remove from site Per Item 1.00 DW03: Dayworks > All Trades Plasterer (Hourly rate) Per Item 2.00 DW05: Dayworks > All Trades Decorator (Hourly rate) Per Item 2.00 DE03: Decorating > Ceilings CEILINGS - Prepare and apply two coats emulsion to existing painted or paper surfaces (Includes standard coving). Per m2 5.25 DE01: Decorating > Ceilings CEILINGS - Seal and apply stain block. (Per m2) Per m2 1.00 DE02: Decorating > Ceilings Apply mist coat of emulsion to new ceiling plaster Per m2 1.00 DE11: Decorating > Walls WALLS - Seal and apply stain block only. (Per m2) Per m2 2.00 DE13: Decorating > Walls WALLS - Prepare and apply two coats of emulsion to existing painted or papered surfaces (Includes standard coving) Per m2 13.08 JO41: Joinery > Architrave Boxing-In pipework etc. any girth. Per Lin m 2.00 PL01: Plastering > Ceilings Take down, de-nail, dispose of and cart away plasterboard (gypsum products to be bagged) Per m2 1.00 PL04: Plastering > Ceilings Supply and fit plasterboard and skim including making good margins and protecting existing cornices. Per m2 1.00 Total hours 31.25 Insurance assessor provided above work schedule.

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