Local hot water electrician who can quickly and easily provide you with 100°C water at your fingertips, straight from your kitchen tap.

No job too small, repairing the temperature dial on the water heater or tap not giving out instant hot water like it is meant to. Or too big, replacing your bulky gas boiler for a slim, compact, energy efficient water heater.

Domestic hot water electrician services include;

Electric water heaters

  • immersion tank or hot water cylinder, water is heated in the tank by a coil like a giant kettle, water is stored in a well-insulated tank to remain hot for as long as possible
  • instantaneous inline water heater also known as a tankless water heater which is a small and compact electric unit, as water flows through it is heated instantly
  • electric heat pump, operating the same as a wet central heating system, hot water is stored in an insulated water tank to reduce heat loss

Instant hot water tap

  • hot water dispenser that gives boiling hot water and chilled water instantly on demand
  • plug in mixer taps that give instant hot water for bathing or washing hands

So, if you need a hot water electrician to service or repair something in your home HaMuch has thousands of friendly, ‘Competent Person Electrical Register’ registered professionals ready to help install your Franke boiling water tap, service your Heatrae Sadia immersion heater or fit a Daikin hot water heat pump in your home.

Do I need to 'hire a local electrician' who specialises in electric hot water heaters?

Opting for an electric hot water heater is a great way to improve energy efficiency in your home. Unlike gas boilers, electric hot water heaters don’t store hot water for later use. Instead, the system only heats water when you turn on a tap or the shower. That means less wastage, and less wear and tear on your heating system.

Whether you already have an electric hot water heating system or you’d like to have one installed, you will need to enlist the services of a specialist electrician. This is because a special connection is required from the water heater to each tap, and too high or low a voltage can lead to system damage or health and safety concerns.

What do electricians near me do to install or repair electric hot water heaters?

Some common tasks of a hot water heater installation and maintenance specialist include:

  • Electric hot water heater installation: An electric hot water specialist can provide an electric boiler installation service. They can also help with installing extra systems such as a boiling water tap, cylinder immersion heater or electric shower.
  • Repair and maintenance of electric hot water systems: If your current hot water system is malfunctioning, or is not hot enough, a specialist will also be able to troubleshoot and repair any damage, providing advice to help you ensure it continues to operate efficiently.
  • Electric hot water system planning: If you are planning a new electric hot water system, an electric hot water specialist can advise on the best ways to implement it into your home.

How to find an electrician who fits electric hot water heaters near you?

HaMuch makes it super easy to find specialist electricians in your local area. To find a specialist near you, follow our simple three-step process:

  1. Post your job: Find your location, either by typing in your postcode or town, or selecting from our extensive list of regions, counties and cities in the UK. We ask you to select your maximum budget, so that you never pay more than what you can afford. Post the details of your job and we’ll match you with tradesmen in your area who are qualified and experienced to do the work.
  2. Get quotes: We’ll send your job listing to electricians in your area. We’ll notify you via text when three tradesmen have expressed interest in your job.
  3. Select your tradesman: Review the profiles and experience of the tradesmen interested in working with you. You can use HaMuch to read customer reviews from people just like you, compare rates and see how close they are to you. You can even communicate with tradesmen to discuss the work before making your decision — you’re in complete control!

Our search tools are designed to help you find a tradesman that best suits your needs, budget and location.

HaMuch can help you find a local electrician who specialises in electric hot water heaters. Check out our extensive list of local electricians and local electric heating specialists to find the right tradesman for your job.

Electrician: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK

Electrician: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges)
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Electrician near London£48£268
Electrician near Birmingham£30£212
Electrician near Leeds£32£224
Electrician near Glasgow£31£242
Electrician near Sheffield£25£202
Electrician near Bradford£32£221
Electrician near Liverpool£31£218
Electrician near Edinburgh£33£252
Electrician near Manchester£31£215
Electrician near Bristol£32£228

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Rates for Tradesmen in the UK

Builder: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Builders
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Bath & North East Somerset£27£203
Reigate & Banstead£43£235
Test Valley£28£194
Wrexham Maelor£25£195
Suffolk Coastal£19£164
Carpenter & Joiner: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Carpenter & Joiners
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Havant & Waterloo£26£207
South Tyneside£20£172
North Somerset£25£197
East Devon£22£175
Electrician: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Electricians
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
North Lanarkshire£31£251
South Kesteven£35£208
Gardener: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Gardeners
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
East Devon£18£142
North East Lincolnshire£15£100
Locksmith: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Locksmiths
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Windsor & Maidenhead£52£281
Cleaner: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Cleaners
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Crewe & Nantwich£18£116
Car Mechanic: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Car Mechanics
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Aylesbury Vale£44£236
South Gloucestershire£50£400
Epping Forest£50£265
Redcar & Cleveland£38£300
Heating Engineer: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Heating Engineers
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
North Wiltshire£49£307
South Oxfordshire£48£264
North East Lincolnshire£33£239
Plumber: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Plumbers
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Suffolk Coastal£62£298
East Dunbartonshire£37£251
North Wiltshire£48£307
St Albans£51£274
North Somerset£37£242
Isle of Wight£39£239
Painter & Decorator: Average Hourly and Daily Rates in the UK (excluding VAT or callout charges). More rates for Painter & Decorators
Location in UKHourly RateDaily Rate
Amber Valley£19£163
West Lothian£20£158
Vale of Glamorgan£23£175
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