Scourge of Festive Veg Causing Spike in Christmas Call-outs for Tradespeople

christmas tradesman callout

From Brussel Sprouts blocking sinks to red-wine stained carpets and furniture, tradesmen at have revealed the most common reasons they’re contacted by panicking homeowners over the festive period.

The poll of 1,000 tradespeople from cleaners to plumbers has also revealed an 18% spike in the number of call-outs over this period, as people struggle to cope with the aftermath of the frenzied festive period.

Pete, a plumber at, said: “Homes have suffered over the Christmas period with blockages being a common issue. Dishwashers and sinks regularly need to be unclogged and the remnants of a festive dinner removed from the pipes….People can panic, particularly if they’ve tried to tackle the problems themselves but just end up making things even worse!”

What’s important to bear in mind is that a call-out over the Christmas period, particularly on the big day itself, can result in heftier charges than usual.

Tarquin Purdie, Founder & MD of pricing website said: “Accidents do happen and things can go wrong for no apparent reason, resulting in people needing to call in a tradesman.

“Household problems do not confine themselves to times when we are not relaxing at home with the family such as the festive period, and they even seem to spike during this period. This is probably because there is more demand on household appliances, more people using the house, and also there is more leftover food and rubbish to dispose of.”

Tarquin added: “The important thing to remember is that you can get a tradesman out over Christmas, but the call-out charge will be higher. Consumers should factor that in and decide whether any non-urgent issue can wait until after Christmas.”

Here are the Top Festive Aftermath issues identified by tradespeople at

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