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How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost? Breakdown of Fees and Rates

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Considering investing in a new bathroom for your home? Not sure how much it will cost? HaMuch breaks down the major costs to help you understand what kind of financial commitment you are making.

New bathrooms are one of the most popular areas of home improvement in the UK.

Spaces we spend much of our time in, with the potential to add great value to a property, renovations to bathrooms can have a major impact on the aesthetic appeal of a home. But, despite the fact they are often the smallest rooms in our house, improvements can still be costly.

So, how much does a new bathroom cost and is it affordable for you? Here, HaMuch breaks down the average cost of a new bathroom, looking at everything from individual item costs to fees and labour charges.

Average Cost of New Bathroom Fixtures

When kitting out a new bathroom, there are heaps of different fittings and fixtures you’ll need. Depending on your project, you may want to go for every item available, or pick up the bare essentials. Below is a list of everything you could possibly need:


  • Low range: £100
  • Mid range: £300
  • High end: £1000

Starting at £100, bath prices can rise to £1000 or more. More expensive baths are often made from higher-quality materials, are larger and feature bespoke designs.


  • Low range: £50
  • Mid range: £200
  • High end: £1000

A basic shower fitted to a bath will cost you very little. However, prices start to spike as you consider larger options, multiple fittings and full shower screen setups.


  • Low range: £50
  • Mid range: £100
  • High end: £300

Basins are often inexpensive and you can pick up a nice design for only a little more than a budget option. Even high-end fixtures don’t tend to be much more expensive. This is due to the fact most are made of the same material; ceramic or porcelain.


  • Low range: £20
  • Mid range: £50
  • High end: £120

A good pair of taps can be very cheap — the cheapest item on your bathroom shopping list. However, more appealing designs such as waterfall taps or a copper finish will set you back a little bit more.


  • Low range: £50
  • Mid range: £200
  • High end: £500

If you are just looking for a simply designed, functional toilet, you won’t need to pay more than £50-£100. Prices can range up to the £500 mark, though, if you are in search of something a little more stylish.

Vinyl Flooring

  • Low range: £100
  • Mid range: £200
  • High end: £400

Cost of vinyl flooring is based off both design and floor space — usually by square metre. Expect to pay £15-30 per square metre, with the average bathroom space set around 8-10 square metres.


  • Low range: £60
  • Mid range: £150
  • High end: £500

As with all types of furniture, bathroom countertops and cabinets can be obtained for a range of prices. Simple flat-pack designs can be brought in for anything as low as £60. However, if you are looking for hardwood treated options, be prepared to pay much more.


  • Low range: £200
  • Mid range: £800
  • High end: £2000

Tiling is the one place you’ll see most variance in price. This is purely down to the material used. Cheap tiles are inexpensive and doing entire walls will cost very little. Yet, the different types of materials out there is so varied that if you want something striking and unique, you could be looking at thousands of pounds

How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost? Don’t Forget Rates for Fitting!

When considering the average cost of a new bathroom, it’s important to remember that all your new elements must be fitted. This is something many opt for as a DIY project. However, we don’t recommend this.

A poorly fitted bathroom can be a nightmare scenario. Moisture has a habit of helping bodge jobs fall apart quicker than if they were in other rooms of the house, and the regular use means if not fitted properly, things can go downhill fast.

Getting in a professional tradesman to complete your new bathroom installation is recommended. But how much will this cost?

Labourer charges vary, depending on industry and experience. However, you are looking at around £100-£200 per day for your average professional bathroom installer. This will include the cost of plumbing work or electrical changes as needed.

Job sizes vary massively when installing a new bathroom, based not only on the size of the space, but also the scale of the job. Fitting a single bath will take a day, while a full refit on a large bathroom can take a month.

Labour Rates

Until a tradesman can come into your property and give you an accurate quotation based on what you need doing, it’s impossible to say exactly how much the price of fitting your bathroom will be. However, we can provide a rough estimation:

  • Single job: £150*
  • Small bathroom: £1500-£3000
  • Medium bathroom: £2500-£4000
  • Large bathroom: £3500-£5500

*This includes call out charge and the fitting of a single item, such as bath, shower or toilet.

Overall Average Cost of a New Bathroom

There are so many variable factors involved in the average cost of a new bathroom that it’s difficult to give a figure that works for everyone.

Instead, we suggest you use this blog as a basic guide, considering unique elements involved in your own project.

For example, you may have a medium-sized bathroom that will be equipped with budget tiles, flooring, basin and toilet, yet incorporate a high-end shower. Taking the numbers provided, you can build your own rough quote to help guide you in your search for the perfect bathroom.

Need to find a tradesman to fit your new bathroom? HaMuch is a directory full of local experts listed by their rates. Find competitive prices and get in the right person for the job here!

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