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Summer Home Improvements: Roof repair and replace

Roof repair and replacement

The roof is possibly the most important part of a house in that it plays the role of keeping water and other forms of precipitation out of your home. The dangers may seem far-fetched to many of us, but we should never compromise with the safety of our roof. Considering the load your roof takes from harsh weather, it’s only inevitable that you will have to fix it up at some point. The bright side is, fixing up a roof is usually a call of duty that comes every few decades and not on a regular basis.

Fixing Your Roof

Roofing contractors or roofing companies are available to help you fix your roof or set it up. If you want, you can go all out and try to fixing up or improvising your roof time to time using roofing materials available in the market. You will find available roof panels, roof tiles, roofing felts and numerous other materials that you can use to customise your roof. Fiberglass roofs are a preference in many neighbourhoods, whereas rubber roofing is often preferred for areas that receive a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Whether you have a flat roof or slate roof will also play key factors in the type of material that will work best for your roof. Speak to a professional to get a better idea on how roofs work.

Getting a roof leak repaired or fixing up the roof membrane can often be an extra tension that you may not feel too keen on putting much time into. Do keep in mind that if you don’t get leaks fixed, over a short time span, even small leaks can become huge problems. Problems such as mold, destroyed insulation, rotted sheathing and framing and damaged ceilings due to all the water seeping through. Hence, it’s better to look into leaks sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, there are professionals available for hire. If you are worried about where you can get the best rates for experienced professionals, you may want to check out There is a good range of experienced professionals available to help you with your homebound needs.

Type of Roof

One common type of roofing is the EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roofing. This is a long-lasting synthetic rubber roofing membrane extensively used in low-slope buildings in the states as well as worldwide. The primary ingredients for this, propylene and ethylene, are derived from natural gas and oil.

In order to ensure you don’t have to continuously worry about your roof over and over again, it’s best to opt for top-quality products. This does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive material but it can entail putting in more money for say the shingles, copper flashing and other material that is used within the joints.

The roof used for your garage may not be the same as the rest of the roofing. Concrete roofs or steel roofs are commonly used for garages. Modern homes often incorporate flat roof constructions for flat roofs that come with warm roof insulation, which is either placed below the weatherproof membrane or above the waterproof membrane. This helps to keep the house warmer.

Irrelevant of the type of roof, make sure to take good care of your roof in order to increase your roof’s lifespan and minimise rapid depreciation of your property.


  • Summer is definitely the best time to fix a roof, before the problems of winter set in. Pooling, ice in the pipes, and lose tiles from poor weather are better fixed BEFORE they even happen – by being ready for all eventualities. Work is over far quicker and easier during the summer months and less likely to be called off by weather, meaning your roofing will be sorted come winter.

  • Having a fully functioning roof is so important! Even small holes or cracks can lead to leaking and many other problems with your home. It’s a great project to tackle in the summertime because the weather is usually on your side! EPDM rubber is definitely a good choice for a new roof installation, particularly if you want something that is going to be long-lasting.

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