Summer Home Improvement: Kids Room Remodelling

As summer is amidst us, many of our kids’ bedrooms may need remodeling. With growing kids, it’s never a bad idea to remodel the bedrooms to suit the kids’ interests and in order to make the rooms comfort zones for growing ones. After all, bedrooms are more than rooms used to sleep in; a bedroom is meant to be a comfort zone, one that is personalised based on who is staying in it.

Hunting for Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas to spark up your kids’ bedrooms, there are a vast number of ideas you will find on the internet, in books and of course by simply asking family and friends for suggestions. Similar to every other setup, prior to remodeling a bedroom it’s a good idea to do some research on the pricing of furniture, the different colour contrasts available in the market and other intricate details that may be incorporated to room remodeling.

Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Each bedroom in your house does not need to be a copy of the other. Children’s rooms will most likely not resemble adults’ bedrooms. A bedroom often includes things that represent the individual living in it, so things that are put up can be a representation of the person’s likes and interests.

Kids’ bedrooms look best when school related things or academic based items are incorporated and the creativity is kept alive. Whether it’s the alphabet, numbers, animal names, the multiplication table or other similar hangings. When it comes to the colour you should choose, it’s important to note that it would be unfair to state specific colours to identify with either gender, whether it’s boys or girls. Let your children opt for what they feel most comfortable with, without stipulating which colour is “feminine” or which one is “masculine”.

For boys’ rooms, you can choose cars, action figures the boys’ can relate with and toys that they like to play with. For girls’ rooms, a favourite character, a dressing up corner and toys that they like to play with are some great starters. A globe or other scientific items up on the walls also offer a good atmosphere for both boys and girls to be around. You can put up posters based on what your child’s favourite subjects are at school. Their certificates can be framed and their achievements can be showcased as well.

Toddler bedroom ideas include a play area, a feeding chair perhaps, posters of naming words up on the walls, the alphabets and other images that can be of help in terms of primary learning.

If you’re unsure about where to look for help on getting your bedroom set up properly, make sure to check out You are bound to find experienced professionals who can help with remodelling and renovating not only your bedroom, but the rest of your house as well.

It’s never a bad idea to play around with the bedroom settings until you find the one you like best. Happy experimenting!


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