Home Improvement on a budget: Restore your deck

Garden decking restoration for home improvement on a budget

Decks are now considered as one of the most down to earth, low-cost and great ways to add on extra living space to a house. Decks make it opportune to just sit and enjoy your time outside, whether in the day or at night. Whenever friends and family are over, decks provide that excellent extra space to just get away from the rest of the crowd, for a one on one conversation. Entertaining guests on the deck is also a great way of using up the space. There are probably more ways to use a deck than can be listed.

Yet, decks are susceptible to the wearing effects of bad weather. Over time, decks tend to get discolored and ruined. As such, deck maintenance is crucial to preventing any kind of discoloration that may form due to algae, dirt or other such plants. Splinters can also form over the years, making the deck surface rougher, even more prone to collecting dirt and build up. Not to mention, it can cost heavy on your wallets as well.

Routine Deck Maintenance

For your routine deck maintenance, you should make sure to properly examine your deck once a year or two. You want to look out for any loose boards or projecting nails that might be popping out, needing repair as soon as possible. In order to properly go through with the inspection, you want to clear your deck from all furniture or other things that may be lying around. Cover up any plants that may be out. Next, sweep through the deck to get rid of large pieces of debris, dust and all other particles. Before you begin the cleaning procedure, you want to keep children away from the area in order to avoid any safety hazards.

What Deck Maintenance Entails

Whether it’s deck paint to revive your deck or to get rid of deck stains, deck maintenance pretty much covers the basics of keeping your deck looking good as long as possible. There are deck cleaners like Ronseal DC Decking Cleaner which help to clean your deck, remove built up dirt and shine it up. Cleaners can be used prior to using a deck finish, which gives a polish. Similar to maintaining your car’s exterior, a deck needs to be maintained on its exterior. After cleaning a wood deck, in order to avoid splinters forming afterwards, you can opt to sand your wood using deck sanders before you recoat with deck staining and sealing. This will help ensure that the refinishing job offers the best results.

Black decking paint helps protect your deck from peeling or flaking and protects your deck from moisture damage. Under decking treatment, you will find deck oils and deck stains. There are different deck stain colors available in the market. Which one is the best deck cleaner or best decking treatment, can only be determined through test and trial of different brands.

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