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My name is Mat Bayley and my business M Bayley Installations is proud to be clear on price.

Our costs for the trades we offer are;

  • Drain Specialists- £90 per hour and £300 per day
  • Heating Engineers- £90 per hour and £300 per day
  • Plumbers- £90 per hour and £300 per day
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  • Drains - Jetting, Rodding, CCTV Survey, Repair & Lining

  • Guttering - Gutter, Hoppers/Collector, Down pipes, Drainage channel



  • Gas Boiler (Install, Service, Repair) - Combi Boiler, System Boiler, Condensing Boiler, Regular/Conventional Boiler

  • Heating Circulation - System design, Heating pipes, Radiator, Underfloor heating, Pump, Filter, Water Treatment

  • Heating Controls - Timer, Programmer, Motorised valve, SMART Controls, Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), Room Thermostats

  • Hot Water - Combi Boiler, Booster Pump, Cylinder, Limescale softener, Boiling water tap

  • Landlord & Safety - Certificates, Smoke/Fire/CO alarms

  • LPG & Oil Boiler - Boiler, Fuel storage, Controls

  • Powerflush

  • Renewable - Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps (Air/Ground), Rain Water Harvesting


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  • Bathroom - Shower, Wet room, Bath, Toilet, Bidet, Washbasin, Tap, Mixer valve, Booster pump, Sump pump, Macerator

  • Drains - Jetting, Rodding, CCTV Survey, Repair & Lining

  • Kitchen Plumbing - Kitchen sink, Kitchen tap, Washing machine, Dishwasher, Waste disposal, Water Softener

  • Outdoor Plumbing - Outside Tap, Garden hose, Irrigation

  • Pipework - Installation & Repair of Mains water pipes, heating pipes, Water tanks, Stopcock


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Avoid him. , he has taken a deposit of more than thousand pounds for new boiler supply and fitting . He didn't turn up or even provided a receipt . He put a fake address for his company . He will keep postponing the start date till you miss the cancellation period.I reported him to police.

Location: Birmingham Date: 2018-02-21

MARK BAYLEY IS A CON MAN. He promised to do a job for us, took a deposit and we never heard from him again. HE IS A THIEF and should be behind bars, DO NOT TRUST HIM. AVOID AVOID AVOID at all costs.

Location: West Midlands Date: 2018-01-22

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